I like Rhino transports, especially Deimos pattern. I like them a lot, they are part of the Imperium’s DNA all the way back to good old Rogue Trader days. The M113 of the grimdark universe and just as adaptable. Sure they are laughably small for ten super-humans plus crew but I still love the little tuggers anyway. Technically I have two for the Tarssis force, but in reality I realised when I add them to the Mars pattern ones I did years back for 40K which are similarly weathered I actually have four plus a Razorback which is not a bad start at all. Include the Land Raider Proteus and the one with the missile launcher whose name eludes me right now and there is the seeds of a pretty chunky Ultramarines force in there somewhere. Maybe for M32 – M41 or some such shenanigans. Watch this space.

Ultramarine Rhino

Really not much to say about these that hasn’t been covered in the other Ultramarine posts other than the one on the left (and in fact 90% of the force) was painted before I attended the MKA Painting Course but the one on the right was painted after and I think it really shows how much it helped me push my painting on. Depending upon the Legion scheme you are doing, leaving the top and side hatches off to paint separately is a good recommendation as it’s so much easier if they are a contrast colour to the main hull. If not then it doesn’t really matter although it’s always easier in my opinion to apply any decals if using them on separate doors than when attached.

Bottom line, I will never tire of painting these things. If I had my own way and enough time every single unit I have would have their own dedicated Rhino or Razorback (maybe not so much the latter for 30K obvs!).

My two big tips for painting Rhino’s:

  1. Assemble and paint the interior before final assembly. The interior is cool, quick to paint and looks great. It’s really easy to then do final assembly without having to do any masking nonsense so really no excuse not to unless you don’t like cool things.
  2. Leave the tracks off and paint them seprately. Clip off sprues and glue on with super-glue at the very end. Easier than trying to paint them while attached and can easily touch up where the gates were clipped with a blob of black or leadbelcher. If you follow my palette above you’re going to cover them in dirt anyway.
  3. Have at least three mint boxed Rhino kits in stock ready to go at any time. You can never have enough. Fact.

Next up I’m ditching tracks for feet: The Dreadnoughts are coming.

Have a great weekend.