The Titanicus hype train continues unabated, so I’ve been getting down to the gritty details of prepping for season four as the hours tick down to pre-order armageddon. That has involved breaking the seals on some of the more ancient storage chests in the corner of the sanctum where much of the Epic scale terrain has been gathering dust the past decades. It is in something of a sorry state of repair, but it is also very functional so I’m assessing it for reuse in Adeptus Titanicus alongside the new plastic building kits.

These are just some of the ruins (there are more) along with a number of intact Forgeworld buildings that those with really long memories may recognise from my original and Epic Armageddon era city boards. I feel they need some renovation and the reboot of Titanicus couldn’t be a more fitting opportunity, so they shall be getting both a lick of paint and some much needed patching up before the game launches in just over a weeks time. I’m also tempted to change the palette to something similar to what has been seen in Kill Zone, for the simple reason they will be for an entirely new ‘warzone’

Season Four: The Beta Praetorian Schism

Beta Praetorian is a brand new conflict that will be the focus not only of my own Titanicus campaign, but also the main thrust of season four. Other than to confirm that it’s set during the events of the Horus Heresy there isn’t a lot more I can say about the campaign at this point as it’s still an idea being shaped. There is however a map and I shall be spending time fleshing the details of that out in the coming days and weeks, along with how subscribers of the channel can get directly involved. That also means some new channel art and assets which I’m also working on over the coming weeks, but here’s a peek of the warzone itself before any stratagems and points of interest are added. With three major starports, forges, numerous cities and manufactorum Beta Praetorian is a heresy flashpoint waiting for a spark.