Workshop Insights #1


This is the first of what I am hoping will be a regular series of progress posts, showing the various stages my miniatures go through from box to battlefield. It isn’t intended to be a step-by-step guide, but rather a chance for me to provide some insight into my thought process as I work through each project.

As I’m working through updating the VIth legion content this month, including the addition of a Storm Eagle I thought I would share some pictures I took during their painting earlier in the year. The Speaker of the Dead and Oblivion Knight-Centura weren’t available as miniatures so I came up with my own versions instead. Choices for the Oblivion Knight HQ were quite limited as there wasn’t many suitable miniatures to start from so I used Inquisitor Greyfax as the basis. The idea of the combat shield came about when I started work on the Tartaros Terminators. As I was already using some of the Dwarf Ironbreaker heads on Hvarl’s honour guard I looked at what other parts of the kit could be useful. The shields were perfect for decorative inclusions on the Fellblade and other tanks so to tie in the Oblivion Knight with the force I gave her one of the shields as well.

The Speaker of the Dead was one of those miniatures that just came together organically. I had a rough idea what I wanted and used parts from a range of character miniatures including Ulrik, Krom and a Primaris Chaplain to create a suitably large and imposing Wolf Lord to lead the Deathsworn. Originally I was going to have him holding Ulrik’s wolf skull helm in his left hand, but in the end the spare stasis grenade from the Deathsworn kit was a much better option for the model’s dynamics.

The final two images are from one of the Rhino top hatches and the other the base from the Warhound titan with the feet in place. Both of these show different approaches to battle damage. I’m a fan of two techniques in particular, one which involves blending waterslide transfers (decals) into the underlying paintwork to make then appear more realistic. The other layering lots of metallics to give them a more interesting heavy texture.

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