Site News

If you are reading this then hopefully it won’t have escaped your attention I’ve been giving the old site a long overdue overhaul. With the move to a streaming format I wanted to strip back the blog to a simple format and build out some proper galleries in support of the channel. It also has to said creates a somewhat nicer browsing experience with more photos/less guff. He says.

Sadly it didn’t come free, whatever does? But I’m considering it a good investment in the channel as it lets me add all sorts of whizzy galleries far far easier than before, which means less hacking about code and more hacking up miniatures. That’s got to be a good thing.

Caestus Assault Ram

The first section I have added is for the Ultramarines, both the forces I did for the Horus Heresy, my legacy Epic Armageddon and the occasional 40K unit. As more collections or armies are covered on the channel I’ll roll out more galleries specific to them, the next being for the Blood Angels in 40K which I’m creating at this very moment. Ok, maybe not literally as I’ve no idea when you are reading this so I guess it may already have happened.

What’s the photo at the top? That is my Leviathan Dreadnought early progress. I’m showing more of that during season three as part of my Word Bearers 30K build. If you can’t make the live streams fear not they are archived on both Twitch and YouTube, more details in the Video section from the menu above. Also I’ll be creating posts and their very own gallery soon, just like the Ultramarines.

Here’s a button to press to get you going!