On Fridays somewhat belated stream (life and all its shenanigans) I briefly talked about Season Two, for want of a better title on Twitch. The first couple of months since I started this journey/adventure/endeavour have really been about finding my feet and learning the gotchas of live streaming. Season One was always going to be about figuring things out and learning the basics before I make a decision whether or not to take it to the next stage and make it a regular part of my hobby. It was also about getting the right kit in place to launch Season Two properly and that (I think) I’ve largely cracked now having diverted most of the past two months hobby kitty towards new broadcast equipment and getting the workspace set up right. There will always be tweaks and hiccups, if there’s one thing I’ve learned engaging with other creative streamers it’s that whatever can go wrong probably will and you just have to go with it. Live streaming removes all that tedious post-recording editing I really dislike but it comes with the acceptance it will never be the polished product you see on YouTube from other creatives.

I also discovered the man-cave gets really flipping cold. Now I know why so many painters wear hats!

So enough of the preamble, what’s season two all about? In one word: Themes. Purely as a fun gimmick I will be structuring Season Two around the concept of specific themes. A theme will literally be a one word concept or idea which will function as a muse for the painting. It could be as generic as “Void” or as specific as “Copper” or “Gemstones”. I have an initial list along with potential add-ons, certainly enough themes to make season two several months worth of content (at least) so there will be no shortage of ideas. I suspect that deck will grow over time and evolve as well so it is certainly open to be influenced by outside suggestions, although I may twist the outcome in unforseen direction as my fickle mood and painting inspiration takes me … Expect variety.

I’ll be doing a wrap up stream or two sometime over the festive break and you can expect season two to commence early in the new year once once I’ve gotten over the holiday hangover!

Until then, have a great week.