Twitch TV

Painting live over Twitch TV was something of an experiment that grew rapidly into what has now become my primary way of sharing hobby progress live and in real time. Into its third season TwitchTV/StudioDropship streams twice weekly Mondays and Fridays at 8pm GMT where I share what is currently on the workbench, upcoming projects, tips and general hobby chat. You can follow not only my work but other amazing painters and hobbyists over Twitch Creative who I often host whilst offline. Following the channel is completely free, any subscriptions or donations whilst entirely voluntary and not needed are always appreciated and are reinvested in full back into helping me develop new channel content.

YouTube Channel

If you cannot make my live streams or would prefer to view previous episodes, Twitch retains broadcasts for up to 30 days. To make past streams available for longer they are also available on YouTube once Twitch Affiliate exclusivity period has passed. I additionally upload walkthrough or gallery videos here as well so it is worth checking the blog from time to time for news on any recent additions.

Scheduled streams & previous shows

Upcoming events and live episodes are shown below along with a description of the ‘likely’ show content. Of course that may change during the stream as I often deviate based on viewer questions or engagement.