Now that I’m back to my regular schedule (yay!) I’ve had a chance to do some thinking and a bit of research on the Twitch Affiliate programme and what it means to me. Short answer: absolutely nothing right now as I won’t be accepting their invite.

Slightly longer answer as to why:

When I take into account what I want from my broadcasting, which is mostly just to share my work with anyone who may find it interesting or beneficial, get some motivation for my own painting and just get some fun from my hobby, the affiliation doesn’t really give me much in the way of additional benefits other than the monetisation opportunity. As I’m not actually wanting viewers to fund my hobby I neither want nor require donations. True, streaming does leave me materially out of pocket as I’m currently paying for things like music licence whitelisting with Monstercat to include their music in my streams (all right and proper) and of course broadcasting hardware such as camera(s), mic etc that I haven’t previously needed. But those I just see as part of what I’ll invest in my hobby and ultimately if that means a few less miniatures added to the plastic mountain each month that’s no big shakes.

I also won’t be able to have an emote for my channel … <Insert horrified emojji>

PS: That’s deliberate, I didn’t just forget to replace the tag. It was supposed to be ironic. Oh never mind.

All of the above is no big issue and if viewers wanted me to affiliate I would, at least I would if not for the one big no-no in their contract which unfortunately is a deal breaker for me. The clause that states Twitch get 24 hour exclusivity on any streamed (live) content. It’s a perfectly reasonable request considering it’s their platform, however it means I cannot by the terms of their contract multi-stream to YouTube, even if it’s a hidden stream and I wait 24 hours before making it available. That’s unfortunate because I’ve been asked a few times if I would consider uploading the streams to YouTube as not everyone can make my live schedule, which I totally get and they would like to view at their leisure (Read: fast forward through the talky bits). lets me do exactly that with little extra effort or overhead on my part so it’s a great service. Unfortunately even making the re-stream private (hidden) and waiting 24 hours before adding it to the channel isn’t enough to avoid breaching the clause in the contract. So no affiliate unless and until that gets changed. And no, before anyone suggests it I’m not recording the stream locally and uploading manually later; too much of a ball-ache when I can do it automatically via

I may review in the future if significant extra functionality makes being an affiliate more attractive but for now I’d rather pick up the full tab and stream to both platforms so you good folks can choose how you would to prefer to consume the content. Obvs I’d rather you popped into Twitch and chat but it’s all good either way.

I’m off to get ready for tonight’s Shadespire painting session. Hope to see you there or if not in the future where future me will be doing it all over again on YouTube whilst real-time me hoovers the house. The rock-and-roll lifestyle of a miniature painter.