So how do we all feel about the price? May as well get that out of the way before this heresy train departs the station, I have no doubt there will be varying views. Price and value are subjective so it’s ok to disagree with each other as long as we all respect mileage may vary. I am of course referring to the cost of the Adeptus Titanicus Grand Master boxed bundle. I’m going to refer to it as such as that’s effectively how Specialist Games want to position it; a limited print run bundle of the rulebook pack and gaming aids with some of the new terrain, two Warlord kits and two Knight kits (6 Knights in total). Limited as they don’t know how well it will sell but if well then they will likely do more runs as demand dictates.

The ‘how well’ part is clearly going to be influenced by price and that appears to be as good as in the wild from a number of retailers now in advance of this weekends pre-order date. So let’s jump straight in with the £175 RRP that is being shared over social media. With many online retailers discounting anywhere between 10-25% on average you should be able to pick up a copy for around £140. That puts it significantly north of any of the boxes or bundles to date and only you can decide whether that represents value to you for going all in at the get go versus picking up the rulebook and waiting for the smaller Titan kits to launch if the Warlord is a bit too steep a climb in one go. I can only speak personally and knowing my love of the game and the high probability I will collect and paint as a minimum one loyalist and one traitor maniple with accompanying Knight banners, I know I am going to be buying more than a couple of the kits. For me it makes sense to secure those kits as cheaply as I possibly can even if that means well in advance of when I actually need them by leveraging the pre-order discounts and bundle discount to the max. There is also the small detail that I will be dedicating a massive part of my twitch season to modelling and painting Titanicus so I need to keep the costs as low as I possibly can (unless of course someone would like to sponsor the channel hint hint Forgeworld!). No? Well, worth a try.

For me the price is pretty much where I expected. As an RRP probably towards the high end of my expectation (I thought £150) but in the right ballpark and certainly hasn’t dampened my enthusiasm for Titanicus one bit. Having seen all the components first hand at Warhammer Fest and the Warhammer Community build-up I love the product quality and all the attention to detail. Return of Titanicus is a massive hobby milestone so this is one heresy train I shall definitely be purchasing my ticket to ride come the weekend and pre-orders go live. The next ten days are going to be unbearable.