The Jarl’s Honour Guard

"We are the wolf that stalks the cold skies, and swallows the star-fire. We are they hidden in the darkness when the light has gone..."

Space Wolves Legion battle chant


Originally when I was forming the list in my mind I included the legions Varagyr terminators being the obvious choice for a Jarl's honour guard. However as I was taking Hvarl the Red Blade as my primary character for the event it seemed strange having him armoured in Tartaros pattern armour and his guard in the heavier Cataphractii plate. It was purely an aesthetic thing. The Tartaros plastic kit doesn't have the same visual impact as Forgeworld's Varagyr sculpts, but with a few extra adornments and modifications I was really happy how they came out. The most notable difference was the helmets which were from the plastic Dwarf Ironbreakers set. This was not an idea I came up with, but was based on a fantastic conversion I saw online by another collector. I thought it really stood out so incorporated it into my unit. As for the Varagyr, they will have their time rest assured.


Prospero burns was an inspiration behind the force, but not as a fixed point in time. What I took from the events on Prospero was the idea of an allied contingent of 'Talons of the Emperor'. The legion palette I had in mind and the Silent Sisterhood especially complimented each other really well. I also felt the mix of units worked well together with Sisterhood Cadre and Grey Slayer packs forming the core of the troops. Both were fast moving, the Sisters also having the benefit of Outflanking and stealth through their transports making them an ideal combo with the Outriders for flanking enemy units. Ironically the Sisterhood ended up out-pacing my Slayer packs into the fight on numerous occasions and turned out to be one of my most devastating units. Originally I had intended them to perform a supporting role for my Slayers in assaults but ironically it was the reverse.

Painting the Silent Sisterhood cadre was an exercise in airbrushing metallics followed by light glazes to tint. The palette was very much inspired by Matt Kane's gorgeous Talon's of the Emperor army (Check it out here) and I really enjoyed doing these. As I suspected the Wolves really needed help standing out on the battlefield as their palette was in the main greyscale with bursts of gold and red. This was exactly what I wanted for the VIth as they are not a showy force compared with the likes of the World Eaters, Sons of Horus or Emperor's Children. All legions that have that visual impact from a distance. What the Sisters of Silence introduced was a much needed eye-drawing component due to the reflections in the armour. Their palette is the same greyscale, red and gold as the Wolves but the contrast comes from the armour. Whereas the Wolves greyscale is flat, the Sisters is reflective. Both sides of the army look cohesive even though they are painted completely differently. I also used purple shadows in both forces to help sell the effect. Creating extra or subtle layers of contrast this way is what really excites me about these armies and is something I'll be pushing even further when I expand on the daemons of the ruinstorm aspect of the Word Bearers legion. That however is for another day.

For those interested the metallics used on the Sisters cadre were Scale colours emerald and cobalt alchemy over a black metal base. These were refined by hand using chrome and inks. The shadows were boosted with druchii violet.

“Although you can't see it, the Oblivion Knight-Centura has a combat shield with knotwork strapped to her back. Not strictly canon, but totally works given their deployment.”

I enjoyed painting the Sisters so much I briefly toyed with the idea of fleshing out a complete Talons army. Instead however I am planning the inclusion of the small Custodes unit from the Prospero box into the allied force, but using a darker rather than gold palette to help tie them in same as the Sisters. Rumours of a Contemptor Achillus may or may not be true.

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  1. Colin July 9, 2020 at 11:34 pm - Reply


    I love these wolf models, are there any 360 views of them? I’d love to see them from all angles.

    – Colin

    • Carl Woodrow July 10, 2020 at 9:21 am - Reply

      Thanks Colin. I don’t unfortunately, these are the only pictures taken. But I am looking at the possibility of a video gallery in the future on YouTube which will have them on a rotating base so can see all around. I can say however that the Tartaros Terminators from the back look standard, all the additions were to the front of the armour and the helmets.

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