Although plan for wednesday’s stream is a continuation of the Blood Angels Ancient for 40K I started last week (if there’s no schedule snafu), the general chat will probably be all about Tarssis and the Horus Heresy ‘all-weekend’ narrative blowout laid on by Tom and Stu of the Geno Five Two podcast. Before I dive headlong into that a little scene setting is probably required. The Heresy (30K) scene where I am is pretty well established and the Tarssis IV campaign has been steadily getting bigger and bigger each time Tom and Stu run one. Originally it started as an intro campaign when the Betrayal at Calth box came out as a way of introducing new blood to the Age of Darkness ruleset with a fun but manageable 1K point force which could be built from just the contents of the box if required. Each event has been gradually building up the size of the force and moving the narrative of events along, all which has created a massively popular event in the Horus Heresy calendar. Suffice to say I’ve arrived late to the party and been thrown in at the deep end with my introduction to 30K being a whopping 2.5K frontline list and 1K Zone Mortalis list, all for a relaxed two days of games at Incom Gaming.

Last Ultramarine details

The force I built for the event was XIII Legion Ultramarines which I’ve been featuring on and off since the start of the year. Happily they were completed in time without too many sleepless nights and packed up in good order along with army list and accompanying narrative fluff, it being a narrative hobby event.

Celebratory drink

I also threw in a last minute gimmick as a fun element with the Phosphex grenade* (Lynx Deodorant) which I airbrushed black, stencilled the lettering and added a few paint and weathering effects plus red ‘detonator trigger’. I figured two long days gaming, Chip’s BBQ and all that beer I was going to need it!

Phosphex for men

I’ll be back with the second part of the pre-show warmup tomorrow and a proper look at the fully finished 2.5k force in detail. Give them a proper send off before I launch myself back into the Blood Angels and mull over where to take them next.

*Phosphex for Men is available from the Bath Houses of Ultramar and all good Apothecaries.