The tickets for the next Tarssis 4 Horus Heresy narrative event hosted by Geno Five Two have gone up and at time of writing 30 mins later there is one solitary space left. After missing the doubles event in February I was super keen to get back on the Tarssis trail and bring a whole new heresy force to the ongoing campaign. To the best of my knowledge I’m in and so it’s locked down; my seventeenth Legion ‘Word Bearers’ now need to be stepped right up in the painting schedule. Between now and July I have a 3000 point list to design, assemble and fully paint including any ‘extras’ I may take along, for two days of frontline and zone mortalis narrative gaming at Incom Gaming in Cheltenham. Why a new army when I’ve a perfectly suitable Ultramarines XIII Legion force to expand on? Simply because I’ve been there and done that already, I’m seeking a new challenge and the Ultramarines polar opposite and old nemesis are the perfect choice, not only because they close the loop on the entire Calth betrayal, but also they are the opposite of the Ultramarines in every way. Traitor, challenging palette and a mix of units I have never done (other than the Breachers). The Word Bearers have always been a force I’ve intended to collect even going back to Warhammer 40,000 4th edition, just never took beyond a rough concept and test miniature. The hobby bootcamp I did back in summer last year put the Word Bearers back on the map for me as I chose their clear red scheme for learning new airbrush and painting techniques. It was back then just before I took the Ultramarines to Tarssis that I knew they would be my next Legion to do.

I often do a number of testers in isolation to come up with a scheme or finish I like, some get rejected and others developed or refined further until I get to something I’m satisfied with that I’m also happy to produce in volume without losing my sanity. The Word Bearers are probably going to push that to the limit as the approach I’m using to do the clears and weathering is more involved than I’m used to doing. There is also the introduction of more unusual skin tones (more on that at a later date!). That process began a number of months ago and some of it you may have seen as recently as episodes in Season Three. Just like the seventeenth legions own back story this is a plan long in the making. It’s also prone to change, but what project doesn’t evolve as you go. It’s more fun like that, or at least I think so as what you get at the end isn’t necessarily the vision you began with and that’s pretty rewarding.

I guess I’d better read the events pack now and work out my list. The core I think I already know, in theme at least but now to refine the details so construction can progress in earnest. You will be able to follow my progress here on the blog, on Instagram and of course on Twitch each wednesday 8pm GMT.

Now where did I put those Gal Vorbak…