Storm Eagle


I'd been pre-warned by a number of friends that Forgeworld's Storm Eagle kit could be a somewhat "challenging" build, especially getting the fuselage to align neatly. I really wanted to include one in my 'Rout' however as alongside the Thunderhawk and Stormbird it has become an iconic transport option for heresy forces. In truth it wasn't as difficult as I expected but did require a degree of both warming the resin to straighten and some gap filling, especially around the front and rear ramps.


As is the case with all my transports the interior is fully painted, both forward and main bays plus the cockpit. These I did before final assembly, filling, smoothing and priming of the rest of the model. I treated the main body with engines and canards as a single assembly leaving the wings and weapons  as sub-assemblies to make painting easier.

The main palette is Tamiya dark sea blue, german grey and neutral grey applied via airbrush. The red accents were Games Workshop mephiston red which I shaded using blue ink and the knotwork stencils were airbrushed with Vallejo necro gold. Weathering was a combination of artists oils followed by acrylic chips and scratches. To create the canopy tint I applied several light layers of Tamiya clear red via the airbrush.

“Sharp indeed is the blade that can cut on its own.”


There are still a few more elements to complete before I certify the Storm Eagle ready for battle, such as adding the atmospheric effects of dust and carbon scorching, final details and creating the flying stand/base. For now though it is 90% complete so I will be moving onto other projects and completing this at the side of the desk.

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  1. Carl Woodrow December 4, 2019 at 10:50 pm - Reply

    I forgot to add, the units shown in the collection page are just a small selection from the overall list I took to summer’s Heresy weekend. There is more to come. Much, much more!

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