After two streams and a little background painting Severin Steelheart’s warband for Warhammer Underworld: Shadespire is complete and ready for the arena. To summarise where I deviated from the recommended Games Workshop scheme, I began by applying the gold basecoat, first highlight and initial shade with the airbrush first (see Prologue for more details), then edge highlighted with Scale 75 Elven Gold and Citrine Alchemy. What I didn’t show in the live session was the pin wash however which I was really pleased with as it added another aged layer to the armour. This was a mix of GW Athonian camoshade with a drop of gloss varnish and acrylic flow improver. This I applied to the creases and joins in all of the armour panels paying particular focus to any areas in shade. This boosted the contrast a little more but really gave the relief and embossed sections of the armour a really nice weathered appearance. I’ll likely incorporate that into the palette when I come to paint the Custodes for 30K/40K.

For Steelheart’s face I went with a super-fast and basic method of base colour x2 followed by a GW wash and single highlight. I could have added a second and possibly some glazes to create a deeper blue shadow in the lower half and warmer temple but these are supposed to be boardgame pieces and I had to remind myself to limit time on them.

The base fleshtone as shown in Episode 2 was a mix of Andrea Colour base flesh mixed with cavalry brown and intermediate blue. This was washed with Reikland Flesh shade. The single highlight was Andrea Colour Flesh highlight added to the base mix and for the bottom lip I just painted a thinned line of cavalry brown. Note: no attempt was made to paint the eyes; I remained focussed on the overall look not any fine detailing.

Another detail worth pointing out was when applying the shades to the overall base colours I avoided painting over any of the gold armour. For the steels in the weapons that’s fine as I didn’t want an overly bright steel so a flat tarnished look helped emphasise the high reflectivity of the gold.

The final deviation is in the base. For Steelheart’s Champions I decided to add pigments to take them up another level of contrast, this time texture. The bases were pre-painted in Skavenblight Dinge with a Celestra Grey dry brush highlight and given a black and earth shade wash as normal. I then applied a range of dry pigments including ash grey, sand, light earth, bone and light green with an old brush. These were blended into the base by wetting (but not mixing!) with white spirit and letting them naturally come together. Once dry I used a soft dry brush to very gently blur and soften and transitions before applying a pigment fixer.

With that and after painting the rim of the bases black the first Shadespire warband was done.