A massive thanks before I get into the painting updates to Kurt and Chip who organised and hosted yesterday’s ‘Fate of Konor’ 40K day at Incom Gaming in Cheltenham. Absolutely cracking days 8th Edition gaming; they never disappoint putting on a top show. Despite my Blood Angels getting absolutely mullered (blame the general not the troops, they put in a good effort) and each of the four games were all in their own ways a lot of fun with plenty of heroic and sometimes ‘unfortunate’ cinematic moments. Like my Captain slaying two Dark Angel Terminators in revenge after being mortally struck down, stabbed in the back by a treacherous deep strike behind my lines. Or my Redemptor spectacularly exploding and deleting only one (1) Night Lord in close combat, but four of my own Intercessors and wounding the Sergeant in the resulting blast. My introduction to 8th edition was very much a positive one and I have to say despite the outcomes from a personal level, each and every game flowed fast and fun. Definitely looking forward to more 8th Ed action in the future.

However, I now have to turn my attention back to 7th edition ruleset and specifically the Horus Heresy as the Tarsiss IV event is rapidly approaching. A 2,500 point ‘Age of Darkness’ narrative weekend being run by the excellent Tom and Stu that is the Geno Five Two Podcast. My XIII Legion ‘Ultramarines’ will represent for this and past followers may have seen the progress to date earlier in the year. They are largely painted to the pre-weathering stage, with a couple of exceptions which I’ll come on to shortly. I called a halt at that point partly to start of the Death Guard and Blood Angels, but mostly knowing I had a painting workshop coming up and wanted to wait until after that before, as Tom likes to call it “being a closer” and getting them 100% painted. Completing the weathering on the bulk of the force is now my primary focus for the next three to four weeks, but there are also as I mentioned a couple of units still to do. The main one being the Praevian Consul with Vorax maniple, a unit I’ve been looking forward to painting for a while now so that will be the main feature in my Twitch streams over the coming sessions.


I’m only onto my third, or maybe fourth stream now and it’s been a fun but demanding learning experience. Every day I solve one issue I encounter only to identify several  more but I’m enjoying it. A very new experience for me and the multi-tasking is surprisingly challenging. Just my age I guess and being a bit set in my ways. I’m still not really set up in an optimal way but some of that is just the way the workshop is laid out, so finding the right camera positions or the fact my monitor is effectively the laptop which is set to one side means it is never going to be a dedicated setup designed for effective streaming. But I’ll keep evolving it and work on the things I can work on which is the painting side and hope the new media helps. Still need to figure out a way of integrating these pages and posts more effectively with the platform so I don’t have so much repetition of work (like I’m doing now!). But for now at least the schedule of upcoming streams and past broadcasts can be found on the channel Twitch TV page right here.

It’s a long bank holiday weekend here in the UK so I’ve an extra day off work and although it’s surprisingly sunny (I know, I’m shocked and confused too!) I’m going to make use of the extra time to tweak the overlays a bit more, try to figure out why the AT2020 has an audio delay … item number 38 on the growing gripe list. I have all the problems of a TV studio and a painting theme park. Oh, wait. I just quoted “Jurassic Park” didn’t I. My bad.

Have a great weekend.