Double post inbound! With the release of Forgebane I parked the Word Bearers in order to get some off-stream prep and assembly work completed and dug out my old Necron minis from ages past. They were speed painted to a basic tabletop standard originally but never really taken any further or fleshed out (pardon the pun) into a viable gaming list. With the extra units in Forgebane it seemed an ideal opportunity to take another look at them and see if they could be completed at pace using a minimal amount of extra effort on the existing paint scheme.

For this live stream I added a few extra metal effects and simple glazes to lift them again from the dul finish they had but retain the worn and weathered appearance. The methods shown I will roll out across the rest of the force and put up a gallery once done. That will include my Warriors already completed, the partially done Tomb Spyders, Wraiths, Canoptek and the new still on sprue Forgebane contents plus a few extra boxes I ‘may’ have unearthed excavating the furthest reaches of the bits tombs. Yes, I’m claiming that as a thing now.

Now available on YouTube.