Continuing the early sub-assembly stages on the Word Bearers Leviathan Dreadnought for the Horus Heresy. Commencing laying down the base metals on the joints and frame. Now available on YouTube.

Summary to date:

The Forgeworld Leviathan is fantastic kit for a painter simply because it is the Dreadnought with the largest flat surfaces which makes it ideal for bigger decals or marks, exactly what I want for the Word Bearers. That bulk however does make it fiddly to get at all of the details when fully assembled so I have started with a really stripped down sub-assembly, more than I would normally for a kit. This let me get the main sarcophagus and torso section painted with the head separate and then assemble into a larger sub-assembly to work on the exterior parts. Painting the head in situ would have been very tricky otherwise.

The first stage was all about getting the metallic red laid down with the decals. This was done over several passes with the airbrush using Tamiya Clear Red and Games Workshop Carroburg Crimson. The decals were layered into the clears to make them appear part of the paintwork as was some additional battle damage painted on with Vallejo metal series Chrome. Any areas I didn’t want to be red were then repainted with a flat black.

With the head painted and sandwiched into the main body I could then attach the two sides and begin painting all the expanses of bare metal which is the next step. Airbrush stored away (for now), it is back to the manual paintbrush for the rest of the build and the slow process of building up the textures in the different types of metal in the frame and mechanics.