Just like the Death Guard themselves, there has been a slow but steady march of XIVth Legion across the painting table the past week. I’ve not had as much hobby time as I’d have liked due to work, but more than enough to get the heavy lifting done on the three Rapier Quad-mortars.

Similar to the infantry I primed these black/grey and gave them a base of Vallejo Model Aged White before masking off to add the green markings in GW Castellan Green followed by GW Air Elysium Green. To help set up the weathering I applied patches of Vallejo masking fluid with an old brush and scrap of sponge before the green was airbrushed on so once dried the masking could be removed revealing the base colour below.

After that I simply followed the exact same process as the infantry and applied the AK light rust wash, removed the excess, set the decals in place and added the sponge chipping.

Finally I painted the gun and tracks before varnishing and brushing on the burnt umber oil wash. For reference the tracks are Vallejo Panzer Aces Track Primer which is my current go-to colour. The tracks won’t stay that colour as it is literally a base to then apply texture, pigments and finally graphite (iron pigment) over the top. But these are stages I complete at the very end during final basing.

You’ll probably have noticed I haven’t done the crew yet and that’s because the right-hand track section has to be in place to be able to align the gunners right arm correctly with the control column. Now all three Rapiers are built I can complete the crew and paint these separately. I do intend the base the Rapiers, most likely onto oval bases which seem to fit them nicely. At that stage I will complete the tracks and pigment weathering to match with the base textures used on the infantry.

Quite pleased with these for a quick tabletop standard, it will be interesting to see how the Aged White base scales up for larger vehicles and tanks. My instinct says I’m probably going to have to lighten it back with some white or replace with ivory to avoid too much of a rich cream. It works nicely for the infantry and small field artillery like these but not certain it will look right on the tanks. That being said it’s not far from the colour I used on my 40K Death Guard back in 2003 so maybe I should just go with it and link the background of both forces together… separated by a mere 10,000 years. Maybe that isn’t such a bad idea. Now I need to find my old Death Guard force and see what can be done to retrofit. In the meantime it’s back to assembling the next batch of tactical troops and the six man gun crews.

To be continued…