Wednesday’s stream will be the first in a series for the newly launched Warhammer Underworlds: Shadespire arena miniatures game. I figured after my recent bout of Nurgle-loves-you-itis I’d take a bit of a break from the grimdark (*psst!* Not really a break; I just built a Plagueburst Crawler but that can be our little secret) and focus on something more light-hearted instead. Like Khorne blood sacrifices and skull-crushing hammers of Sigmar.

I only picked up Shadespire a day ago so it still has the new box smell, but already the eight miniatures included are assembled and ready for paint. Being pre-coloured push-fit miniatures they can be used straight out of the box and I don’t doubt many more interested in the deck building aspects of the game will probably just play this way. Being a painter though that’s not my way so I want to see how quickly I can get the two warbands in the starter box fully painted and ready to fight. The name of the game here is fast and effective, so I’m starting with the easier of the two factions first; Steelheart’s Champions.

Like all of Games Workshop’s recent releases Shadespire comes with a very clear and well laid out set of instructions for assembling the miniatures. Although no glue is required to assemble them I used plastic glue nevertheless to ensure a good connection and final fit. The plastic used in the easy-assemble kits is definitely a harder type than in their multi-part kits, but it still glues well and cleans up fine with a craft knife. If you want to follow the Games Workshop painting system and method for painting Steelheart and his band, there’s a really excellent YouTube video by Duncan from Warhammer TV that provides a great walkthrough start to finish. I’m not following exactly the same palette so I’ll be charting a slightly different path on the stream and some of the prep work includes getting the base gold down by airbrush.

   After assembly all three miniatures were primed black over which I applied an overall coat of Scale 75 Viking Gold as a base. I then applied a mix of Scale 75 Dwarven Gold and Elven Gold over the highlights only, again with the airbrush. Finally GW Druchii Violet was carefully airbrushed into the deepest shadows of the armour to boost the contrast. That’s all the stages done that required the airbrush so everything from this point onwards will be done with a traditional hairy brush.

Roll on Wednesday when I’ll take these guys (and gal!) through their next steps and into the Shadespire. All done by Halloween? I reckon so.

Have a great week.