Project Description


Although my grimdark interests are predominantly about events during the Horus Heresy, I haven’t entirely abandoned Warhammer 40,000. I’ve assembled and painted a variety of Imperial and Xenos collections over the past two decades, the majority of which I have retired or given away. With the release of 8th edition however I did make the Blood Angels my guilty 40K secret. That and of course it was an excuse to paint some of the new Primaris kits.


Although these are for 40K, I leaned more towards a IVth legion palette of a deeper red accented by a more weathered gold. I also included a large amount of iconography from the Forgeworld legion decal sheet to reinforce their heritage. Similar to my other forces I also included weathering pigments more extensively in the armour and basing, but held back for the infantry as I did want to maintain some contrast between my heresy and 40k collections, each having their own distinctive aesthetic.