You know what’s great about Fridays? Getting new hobby gubbins in the post is what. I’m a big fan of water slide transfers/decals (insert your preferred nomenclature here) and had completely forgotten I was a late backer for the Infinity faction sheets being produced by Antenocitis Workshop. Hence it was a pleasant surprise when they arrived today. These are even smaller than some of Forgeworld’s Heresy decals being designed for arm and armour patches on Corvus Belli’s dynamic anime-inspired sculpts. I opted for a range of factions including Yu Jing, Pan O, Nomad as well as a couple of sectorials and they look great with crisp printing and vibrant colour.

The other nice little package to arrive was a set of brushes from Broken Toad courtesy of Great Escape Games. Been trying to get a set of these to try out alongside the WAMP and Series 7 I normally use but they have been surprisingly elusive. I shall break them in this weekend on a couple of characters that need some final details completing. 

On the subject of painting some Forgeworld heads have rocked up for the Death Guard so I’ve bashed together another four Tacticals to make the Sons of Barbarus more than just a palette test. Question is: Traiter, Loyalist or either?