If you managed to catch Friday’s stream, you’ll have seen me wrapping up painting of the first four Death Guard from the Dark Imperium set. These have been some of the nicest miniatures by Games Workshop I’ve ever assembled and painted; they go together like a dream and the scope of unique detail practically makes each a character in their own right. Absolutely love them and generally speaking that goes for most of the Death Guard/Nurgle Daemon range released recently. So much so I’ve been tempted into painting an Age of Sigmar ‘Getting Started’ box by 10th Feb for a local store challenge. I’ve been trying to start a small warband for Age of Sigmar but have never managed to keep it on the painting table long enough to complete, this I’m hoping will provide me with the much needed focus I need to get one done. If you’re not familiar Malign Portents is a book Games Workshop are promoting on the Warhammer Community pages which takes the story of the Mortal Realms down a new pathway. No big new armies this time, all appears to be centered on one of four unique yet to be released Grand Alliance characters who will lead their respective forces. The Darkoath Warqueen is the one that appeals to me the most as I don’t collect either Order or Destruction aligned armies. I’ll admit to being tempted by the Knight of Shrouds; the Death Grand Alliance character but not overly fond of the start collecting sets currently available so Chaos it has to be! It boiled down to two choices but in the end there was really only ever one, Nurgle.

The obvious benefit is many of the Nurgle Daemon’s painted for Age of Sigmar, can also be utilised in my Death Guard collection for 40K. Anything that gives me double the usage has to be a good thing. So the “stream of corruption” (pun intended) shall continue well into February. Marvelous!

Starting with the Plaguebearers I’ve assembled all bar the Herald and standard bearer which I want to paint separately. Each I have based the same way I did my Death Guard so I can ensure the Daemons match my armies in both games. As usual I’ve done all the assembly and pre-shading/base painting with airbrush off-stream over the weekend. Mostly to get ahead as I don’t have a huge amount of time, but also because it isn’t the most interesting of topics to stream live.

The basic corrupted skin workup I’ll cover on Wednesdays episode, but essentially the pre-shades and base are in the picture above starting left to right with Rakarth + Basic Flesh followed by Pallid Wych and finally Pallid Wych plus Basic Flesh to give tonal variations. The damaged areas are then emphasised with the Indian, Drakenhof and Carroburg crimson. Back to the brushes now to add the glazes, highlights and details. Overall a pretty solid start I think. 

With Nurgle dominating the painting table through January I have retired the Blood Angels (for now) to storage and handed over the cabinet to the Death Guard plus friends. I have been working in the background on a Plagueburst Crawler alongside the Dark Imperium plastics. Mostly just the basic metals at this stage which I will adjust to create some variety before moving onto introducing weathering into the armour same as I’ve been doing for the Plague marines themselves.

As if I didn’t have enough side projects on the go, one final small task was cleaning, assembling and final priming/prep of two Heresy era Deimos pattern Rhinos ready for a painting course coming weekend.

All done in the name of Russ. Or Russ and Alpharius as the case may be. Anyway, that’s enough for now. Have a great hobby week.