It’s far too nice weather to be inside, so naturally I am. At least until the beers have chilled and the pizza dough proved and then all bets are off. In the meantime however I’ve been doubling down on progress, pushing on with a new squad for the Ultramarines in the form of a Locutarus Storm squad, or at the very least my take on them. Predominantly I’ve used Mark IV as a base with the occasional Mark V field repair and used the Invictarii helmets which I think mark them out nicely as a XIII Legion specific unit. 

Although the Mark IV Forgeworld jump packs would be the obvious choice I’m not a big fan of them on any Legion other than the Blood Angels who I think really make them pop. I do however really like the retro packs from MaxMini which are just the ticket in my humble opinion. The heads and shoulder pads I’ll paint separately as usual so pretty much ready to prime this evening.

I did say I was doubling down today didn’t I? 

Happy with the palette tester for the Death Guard I’m going to push on to do a full force now, thinking around 2500 points should do it so all those Mark III plastics in the Prospero box will come in handy for the core Tacticals which I’ll augment using the Forgeworld conversion kits and some additional Mark IVs. It also found a handy use for the Chaplain character in the Calth box who has now been pressed into service as a Veteran Sergeant.

Waste not want not I say. Welcome to the Death Guard. Now, let’s see about those pizzas.