At long last the news has officially broken as expected, Warhammer Community site announcing Adeptus Titanicus will be available to pre-order coming weekend 11th/12th August. That means two things for the channel; the beginning of the end for season three now that the Word Bearers are done and the epic events of Tarsiss “Betrayal of Modgud Prime” a distant memory. Also the start of my build up to season four and the as yet undecided title. Planning is off to a good start as you can tell. Joking aside planning is off to a good start as I already have more than just a theme for the next few months streams. Yes, months, season four is going to be a biggie. The topic in the main is clearly going to be around Adeptus Titanicus in the long term and I’ve a few ideas how to keep that fresh and interesting. It won’t all be Titans and Knights as there are a lot of projects I have on the go, but I do want them to be the anchor around which everything else will hang.

Whilst those plans come to fruition I thought it would be a nice gesture to give the old Titanicus and Epic war engines a good send off before they are replaced by their newer and somewhat upscaled cousins. I showed them briefly in the previous post but here they all are in full including the metal Warlord Mark II. These were not painted by me, but by the Eavy Metal team for the games publications in the 90’s and were donated by a benefactor over a decade ago into my care. You may recognise some of them from particular publications at the time or even certain infamous battle reports as they truly are a piece of Epic’s history. Perhaps one day Legio Metallica will walk again.

If you were in my Friday night show I mentioned that this week will be the penultimate episodes of season three starting Wednesday. That was an omission on my part as I realised afterward there won’t be a stream Wednesday due to work commitments unfortunately. In lieu I will be doing a back to back Friday and Saturday evening to bring season three to a close before launching into my Titanicus prep. A few oldies from the past (no not me!) may make an appearance as well as the usual tail end projects I’ll be pushing along like the Nighthaunts. I will also be looking at where I can slot in a basing tutorial as part of the schedule as promised, but no upside down pineapple cake until the first year anniversary show (had to be there).