Knight Errant

When the plastic kit for the Knight Errant/Paladin was released by Games Workshop it created a viable war engine only force which up until that point had been the domain of Forgeworld Titans or Super-Heavy detachments. The Questoris Knight list was born and like many I couldn’t resist at least one of the new kits. The House ‘Terryn’ Errant shown was the first I built and painted for launch and, although very happy with the result it sadly ended up somewhat superfluous when I took the decision to flesh out a force based on a different household; Taranis.

Loyal to Mars and the Mechanicum, House Taranis were featured extensively in the Horus Heresy novel “Mechanicum” by Graham McNeill. Despite taking ruinous losses during the war, they are also referenced as a surviving Knight Household in the 41st Millennium as well making them an ideal choice to ally with both my loyalist Legion forces for 30K and my Blood Angels in 40K. The introduction of the smaller Armiger Warglaives in ‘Forgebane’ just cemented that decision for me.

This however is clearly not House Taranis, which is explicitly referenced in the header. Taranis is the Questoris Knight list I will be expanding out to a household starting with the two Warglaives in the Forgebane box and adding to it a Warden and Errant (or possibly other variant if it turns out to be more enjoyable to paint). The primary colours (other than steel) of Taranis Knights is a deep and rich red countered with an offset white and black markings. These are colours I think will really compliment not only my Loyalist Heresy legions, but also my 40K Blood Angels.

Forgebane is due out March 24th and I will be looking to add updates as I work my way through various Knight kits over the coming months both on the channel and off-stream. Don’t worry if you miss it as I’ll keep track of any progress right here.

Coming Soon…