Star Wars Armada battle

It’s not all fun and games in the workshop. Sometimes there is the serious business of crushing the Rebel Alliance to deal with. Between Christmas and New Year I had a great game of Star Wars Armada with friends which gave me a chance to roll out all of the ships I have plus as many fighters as I had painted. I even speed painted Blue Squadron the night before to give the rebels some extra X-Wings. I had forgotten how much fun Armada is playing much more strategically compared with the cut and thrust of X-Wing. Things didn’t pan out as hoped for the Rebel fleet who it has to be said took a bit of a bruising from the Star Destroyer “Relentless” and Admiral Motti, the Imperials cornering a fragmented and uncoordinated Rebel evacuation. That been said I think everyone (Mon Calamari included) enjoyed the game and I see the potential for some smaller more focused engagements in the future as this was a much larger game than would normally be fielded. A potential interlinked campaign could be in the offing for this year consisting of Imperial Assault and Armada games, something I considered last year but didn’t really get off the ground. With the introduction of the Imperial Assault app by Fantasy Flight and the ‘soon’ to be launched Legion game Star Wars may be a stream theme on the channel.

I still have a couple of fighter and small ship packs to work through painting wise and will add to the articles already featured. The Rebels did also call for a Hammerhead corvette or two, so that I shall have to look into that.

Great fun game though. Must play more.

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