I’m not really one to get all juiced up about assembling flat-packed furniture, unless of course it’s tiny little #Hobbyzone furniture which gives me more space in the workshop for even larger resin models. Now that I can get behind. Ok, not literally behind but who doesn’t like bigger resin models right?

On the hobby front I’m still pushing along nicely with the Ultramarines having broadly completed the Cataphractii Terminators, Whirlwind Scorpius, the Contemptor Talon and assembled the Caestus Assault ‘bus’ for the aforementioned Terminators. This is on the workbench as we speak for some quality time with the airbrush.

I’ve also made a start on my final HQ unit, the Praevian Consul with Vorax maniple support. Fiddly little buggers to put together but happy with the result.

They are currently sans heads to make painting easier, similarly the upper torso is only temporarily afixed with poster-putty (Blu Tac) for the same reason. Having pulled together a quick strawman list with the units to date and it coming in at just over 2500 points i’m confident it is there or thereabouts now bar some last minute tweaking. This got me into thinking about the next legion. Oh yes, there will be more coming. Much more.

The last tournment I did for 40K was over fourteen years ago and I contested that with a very fluffy Death Guard force. It seemed like a nice idea to close that circle by doing the same Legion for the Heresy which I could field as either a loyalist or traitor force depending on circumstance and the narative. I’ll talk about this more in a future post but here is the quick palette test I used to see how quickly the infantry could be produced using the Prospero Mark III plastics.

Suffice to say the heavy lifting is done through the use of enamel and oil paints for the effects to keep the brushwork to a minimum. This makes them ideal to produce en-masse, just how the XIV Legion would like it. It also means I get an excuse to include these…


Yeah, if you can’t beat them join them #Phosphex

Anyway, that’s enough distractions as this is supposed to be a short post and I need to get back to working on the school bus. Have a great week.