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I've lost count how many Rhino transports I have built and painted over the years, but in all that time I have never not painted the interior. I appreciate that may seem a bit strange to some hobbyists given most of the time you will never really see the interior and I know for a fact a lot glue the back door shut anyway. It started in part "just because I can", but now I do it because it really helps place the model into the world for me and gives it that extra element of visual interest for the viewer. Not all kits have an interior but those that do I go out of my way to paint fully, seat covers and consoles included.


Regardless of the legion or the vehicle I use the same basic method on all of them. Primed black with a rough zenithal dusting of white to give a basic greyscale, followed by either a deck tan or neutral grey colour application using the airbrush. Which I go with depends on the legions primary armour colour and whether I want a warmer interior or a neutral/cold. Whichever I go with I then apply a contrasting sponge chipping, metallic texture and paint the basic details such as storage bins, consoles and trunking. To tie all together and give the interior some tonality a generous coat of varnish + wash goes over the top. The kit is then assembled ready for exterior priming.

If the model is more of a centrepiece, or the interior is a big part of the kit itself, like with the Warhound or Reaver Titans for example, then I will invest a bit more time and effort in it. The selection below is from the number 008 'Lucius' Warhound produced by Forgeworld. I'll do it the justice of its own portfolio page in the future as I had a lot of fun building and painting this kit there is just so much detail to it. Unlike the tanks and flyers it's worth taking a bit more time and putting in as much effort as you would the exterior. In the case of this build quite literally all of the crew areas can be revealed so that extra effort really pays off, creating a diorama practically in its own right.

“Using de-saturated or neutral colours works well for vehicle interiors. Colours like deck tan, sky grey or bone white”

Kits that are designed to be opened up revealing fully detailed interiors tend to be the exception rather than the rule for tabletop wargaming. However those that do, especially the transports are really worth showcasing because they add another level to the model, the viewer initially sees the force as a whole then starts to look closer to reveal the subtler details. Being able to lead the eye towards an interior reinforces the world the miniatures occupy in the same way a good background does, especially as they often won't be able to see all of it fully leaving their imagination free to fill in the blanks. This is a great technique for those that display their armies. I doubt I will ever stop painting those Rhino and Land Raider transport bays personally, as long as the designers keep creating them I will keep painting them.

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