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The Forges of Ultramar

I’ve been painting Ultramarines in one guise or another for over twenty years and in that time my method, approach, style or whatever you choose to call it has changed frequently. Sometimes as a result of experimentation or inspiration but mostly because my painting advances as I learn new techniques and progresses over time. That has meant despite following the same blue, white and gold palette my Ultramarine units often look very different. That’s resulted in me often re-visiting old projects with a critical eye and either re-doing them completely, or giving them a fresh touch up (more often) to try to soften the transition between old and new.

All of these posts can be found in the blog using the ‘Ultramarines‘ Tag but these I’ve specifically pulled into the forge as they underpin the continual evolution of my Ultramarines collection.

Super quick post today to show how I attach the weapon options to the Contemptors. I use 5mm x 1mm

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