With the release of Star Wars: Legion by Fantasy Flight Games on the 23rd March, #ForceFriday has become my new ‘thing’. In the very first of my Star Wars Friday streams I cracked open the core box and immediately started on the Empire’s finest, or at least most numerous. White armour is not one of my favourites to paint, but I really enjoyed working my way through the two squads plus upgrades that come in the core box.

Reminder: There will be no stream this coming Wednesday (4th April) unfortunately, but I will be back with the next Force Friday and the Rebel troopers as usual. The next update will also include last Fridays Rebel stream (sounds more rebellious than it really is) plus a review of the first games, the rest of my Imperial core units including the Speeder Bikes and of course Vader.

Until then may the …. have a great week!