It’s generally not a good idea to update the blog when tired, yet here I find myself doing exactly that at the end of what’s been a hectic week. Sadly not all hobby unfortunately, work having curtailed half of the week’s activity and putting an end to wednesday’s stream. Despite all of that however I’ve made great headway on stage one of the Malign Portents painting challenge for Age of Sigmar and wrapped up all of the Plaguebearers and Plague Drones with the exception of the Herald. All in all a really good start which has left me a couple of evenings spare before taking them over to the store. Just as well really as it’s looking like it’s going to be another frustrating week impacted by work taking up most of my free time, so unfortunately no wednesday stream. Again.

If you caught episode 7 on Friday you’ll have heard this force is all about ‘efficiencies’. Quick to paint, quick to tabletop. Quick doesn’t mean rushed or half-finished, just with an eye on only painting what’s necessary to get 80% of the look I want using the fastest methods to hand. That means lots of airbrushing, lots of washes, paint effects and a very open brush approach. By open I mean an eye to sketching in highlights or even details and textures not on the miniature in a very loose way. Fortunately, all techniques that lend themselves very nicely to Nurgle which is a lot more organic and less reliant of sharp highlights and crisp transitions.

The flesh tones in particular, of which there are a lot in the Demons of Nurgle are very forgiving and the bruised palid tones I wanted were simply approximated and refined using glazes of red and blue.

This is probably most evident in the Herald which I’ve really forced myself to be almost deliberately rough and loose with the brush strokes. This is not a natural thing for me and goes against years of trying to paint neatly (for want of a better term). I’m purposely trying to force myself out of my comfort zone to try new things and ensure the hobby doesn’t become stale or static which is a motivation killer. It’s also good to try different painting styles as you learn a lot. What works and more importantly what doesn’t. Don’t be afraid to experiment or break the rules either, by mixing Tamiya Clear Red with water-based acrylics I discovered much more interesting blood and viscera effects. Perfect for Nurgle. I also mixed in some enamel washes to create blood spatters which were applied using blasts of air from the airbrush as an applicator. I reckon one more night, maybe two (if I have them!) should see the Start Collecting Daemons of Nurgle box over the line. Stage two is within sight and the Darkoath Warqueen is already pre-ordered for collection on the 10th. That should be a more indulgent and relaxed challenge so I may slip in another 40K Bloat Drone at the same time. Or perhaps a ‘small’ terrain piece … Watch this space.

Don’t worry, I won’t be running out of Nurgle Daemons to paint anytime soon.

The other thing that has kept me diligently painting has of course been all of the news and previews flooding out of the Heresy & Necromunda weekender at the Belfry. Just when I thought Forgeworld had extracted enough of my hobby funds they blew me away with a host of retro Epic throwbacks for 30K including a Mk I Land Speeder, which is probably an acquired taste I appreciate (your mileage may vary) and a jaw-droppingly gorgeous “Termite” tunneler. There was lots more to be had but the regular haunts like Battle Bunnies have far better coverage so I recommend checking out all of the goodies there.

The final biggie for me and the one I waited all weekend for was confirmation Adeptus Titanicus re-boot was still on track for a ‘likely’ release in 2018, albeit they will not confirm date. That it’s a full boxed release with plastic Titan’s and backed up by multi-kit and add-on support much in the same way as Blood Bowl has been. My return to epic scale, even a slightly re-visioned epic scale is long overdue and anyone who knows me and my gaming heritage can probably guess how deep I’ll be going with Titanicus when it arrives. Put it this way, workshop and channel refurb plans are already being firmed up.

Until next time, have a great week.