So many plates spinning at the moment hard to know where to begin. Let’s start with the reason you’re probably here; the painting. I worked out my 1000 points Blood Angels list for (imminently!) upcoming 40K fun intro event and being mostly the new Primaris I found I really didn’t get a lot of models for my points. Probably not much of a surprise there, so I made a few tweaks to at least give my opponents something to look at, as well as hopefully fun to play. Even though I have now painted up the Inceptor squad from the Dark Imperium boxed set I have, at the 11th hour (in painting terms at least) decided to swap them out in favour of a Blood Angel eight-man Assault squad. But why? I hear you ask, drop three infiltrating orbital drop-troops for a less than full strength regular Marine detachment that don’t even have jump-packs. I didn’t mention the no jump-packs? Ok, my oversight. But they don’t have jump packs. The reason is ‘Rhino’. The small but compact force when I put them all together just didn’t look all that interesting consisting of basically one unit of Primaris Intercessors, the Captain, two Dreadnoughts and the three Inceptor’s. For the cost of the Inceptor squad plus what spare points I had left over I managed to squeeze that into eight regular Blood Angels assault and a Rhino transport all which makes the force look significantly more interesting and fun on the tabletop. It has though given me a bit of a headache trying to get that all done in a week on top of the Dreadnoughts and Inceptors I was already doing.

But I love a challenge I do.

So, in summary the state of play for the Blood Angels is thus. We now have a rather mighty Redemptor Dreadnought at our disposal and what a fantastic kit it really is. It was a lot of sub-assemblies in the painting, more than I was expecting but it is finally assembled and ready for a final weathering before the fight.

40K Blood Angels Redemptor Dreadnought

The second Dreadnought is the gorgeous Forgeworld ‘Deredeo’ with the Arachnus heavy Lascannon battery and Ailos launcher (please let there be flyers…). Like everything else in the army I selected the Deredeo purely because I love the look of the model. Sure the Anvilus battery is significantly better but in my humble opinion doesn’t look as cool as the Lascannons and I go by rule of cool. I fitted heavy flamers under the torso of course; it is Blood Angels after all. So much fun painting this model, especially with the new Forgeworld transfers which give it a nice flourish.

40K Blood Angels Deredeo Dreadnought

Finally back to the assault squad. These are a hybrid of the Blood Angels Tactical and Sanguinary Guard plastic kits with some of the Forgeworld IX Legion heads. There are so many fantastic extra’s in both kits, especially the massive number of head and helmet options. I didn’t want the squad to look to ostentatious as Blood Angels in particular can end up, especially building straight out of the box. That wasn’t the look I was going for. I wanted ornate but pulled back from some of the more over-the-top bling like the wings and heavily ornate weapons. I’ll save those for veterans and characters where I can use sparingly to add flavour. I also reigned in the Sanguinary armour by painting it in the same reds as the rest of the squad and making only a few gold accents. In that respect they have ended up somewhere between standard IX Legion and over the top full-fat 40K. Exactly what I was shooting for. Using the vanilla standard weapon arms from the bits box helped ground them further, overall I’m really happy how these are coming along, I just need to get them finished …. quickly!

Blood Angels Assault Squad

All of this lot when done will get a proper ‘army showcase’ in the gallery and possibly video also on the turntable so don’t worry there will be a completed photoshoot so you can see them properly coming after the event.

Work is chaotic, life in general the same and I’m more juiced for hobby than ever so it’s all full on at the moment (or maybe that’s too much coffee). Which brings me nicely onto my final update of sorts. As you can tell I can never get the balance right between painting and blogging. I want to do both but they are always competing against each other for time. As painting is my primary goal the blog nearly always takes a back seat which makes me sad. Partly it’s because I always feel I have to produce a significant update to make it worth posting and that takes time. Photos need to be taken, lightbox set up (possibly), edited, written up. All take significant amount of time. Same for video in which the editing into a decent state is not an insignificant amount of work, so that often never happens which also makes me sad.

So I’m experimenting with a more instantaneous format that hopefully will keep me motivated and let me share progress in a more immediate way. Yes, I’m going to throw myself into the warp storm that is Twitch streaming. This will not be a full time endeavour so please set expectations suitably low and don’t expect production values or features like you see on some of the amazing channels out there broadcasting day in day out in Twitch Creative community. Streaming will be hilariously bad, my chair has a truly epic range of squeaks, creaks and groans and I had no idea until watching back the first stream that I looked that confused most of the time (highly illuminating). I’m going to get the camera and lighting …. and audio setup wrong. I know this but bear with because it’s a learning experience and even if I get zero viewers (which is true actually) I’m still using it as an opportunity to learn some new skills in a way which helps me share the hobby I love. So it’s all good.

If I happen to be online when you are visiting the blog you will see a little label top right so why not pop into the chat and say “Hi”. Plans are to stream probably twice a week and see how that goes. Details are on the channel on Twitch right here:

It’s a start, of sorts

Hope to catch some of you on the stream. If it goes well and I can cope with the insane amount of stuff you need to learn and do to keep it all running right I can see this being a regular feeder for the blog and a way to capture some painting sessions, tips and tutorials.

One step at a time though. Until next time have a great week.