Deimos squadron


With a legion that can move almost as fast as their transports, especially the Grey Slayer packs I'll admit it's a bit odd to add non-assault transports like Rhinos. However, I'm old-school and really like the classic 'Deimos' pattern Rhino profile.


The Deimos is a Forgeworld conversion kit built on the long standing plastic 'Mars' pattern. As such it is (or was) a bit of an expensive way to add standard transports to units. I know cost is always relative, however it is worth noting at the time of writing the standard plastic kit has gone up in price so much the difference between a regular plastic Rhino and the Forgeworld Deimos version has shrunk significantly, this is especially true if you take advantage of one of Forgeworld's rare bundle deals and purchase three. How long this will last I have no idea but I have certainly exploited that opportunity with the Wolves to include three of them in my list.

I really like using the banner decals from the Forgeworld sheets on Rhino top hatches as they fit really nicely with a little trimming. They can then be weathered into the rest of the model to give it that painted on appearance. All three have their interiors painted (it's a curse but I have to do it!) and there are no real sub-assemblies needed other than I tend to paint the top hatches and exhausts separately just to make it easier. The hatches in particular because I often either do them in the accent panel colour, red in the case of the Wolves or black/white for the Word Bearers and Ultramarines respectively. It also allows you to work some individuality into the different vehicles, something emphasised more in the legions during the great crusade and heresy than 10,000 years later in M41 when codex compliance is often more strictly observed.

It's extremely unlikely I will add any more to the list, the Wolves just don't need them. Instead I'll focus on adding units that were part of my original vision, essentially filling out the fast attack slots and adding some Dreadnoughts because as I've said before, it just isn't heresy without plenty of Dreadnoughts.

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