Of all the miserable cursed starts to the hobby-year. Flu! A pox on you. Actually, it’s a pox on me so there we have it. Those of you that follow the live stream antics will be painfully aware I’ve been able to muster up a paltry single stream since the start of the year which is not what I was shooting for. No sir. But I’m not going to let a little something like that get me down so here’s a quick status check. I’ve been catching up on my Horus Heresy related reading whilst too ill to paint, two novels in particular; Titan Death and Prospero Burns. This is pertinent because I deliberately chose them to get me into the mood for two projects I really want to push on throughout 2019, the first being Titanicus and the second, more involved will almost certainly be my next Legion. The VIth; Vlka Fenryka? A legion I’ve wanted to revisit ever since I first painted them in ’98 but have never quite got to grips with. This year things will be different, I’m determined they will. Circling back to Titanicus I am absolutely loving the new plastic kits and the game as a whole. Mortis is my current focus and at the time of writing I’m working my way through the basics on the first pair of Warhounds and wrapping up the first of the Reavers.

Unlike the Warlord I haven’t magnetised any of the weapon options (other than the carapace Apocalypse launcher) simply so I could see at least one of each in their entirety with power lines and cables intact. Others I probably will as there is no shortage of God Engines to fill out maniples with. For now though Mortis and the traitors have my eye, enough at least to provide me with a game-worthy force. Beyond those Gryphonicus, Vulpa, Ignatum and maybe even Krytos beckon. Like I said… I really quite like Titanicus and painting tiny Titans. Now if this damnable flu would just bugger right off I could get on with them!