Chapter closed

//Chapter closed

Firstly I’d like to wish everyone a Happy New Year! 2019 is already shaping up to be a potentially fun and fascinating hobby year for me with a host of new (and very old) projects on the horizon. There will be war engines big and small, heresy, grimdark questing, kill-teaming, large-scale figures and faux fur. Lots. Of. Faux. Fur. But with all good things must also come some closure to make space, so the first act of the year has been to flip the hobby reset switch to re-focus on the things that interest me most these days. The past couple of years especially has seen my interests and motivation shift towards moving my skills and knowledge on from where I have it is fair to say been comfortable for many years. The more realistic word I would use is ‘stagnate’ and that’s not good for anyone’s hobby motivation. Over the past eighteen months I have put more focus on ‘learning’ and that has opened new avenues to me that have really fired my creativity in a way it has been lacking for quite a few years now. To make space I took the decision to offload the majority of my hobby-heritage to date, in particular the games I no longer play or cannot see me playing anytime soon and the majority of my terrain collection. I have passed on most as donations to the local club and a couple of heresy channels and already it feels like I have more room to breath.

A tiny fraction of the worlds that I waved goodbye to…

Part of the clear out also meant dropping stuff that no longer fitted into my plans, or doesn’t match the aesthetic I do now. So a few things were donated to worthy causes including a new-to-the-hobby Ultramarines Commander collecting and painting his first ever army for his school club. Hopefully they will serve him well in future campaigns.

Couldn’t resist adding some additional engine burnishing before letting them go to their new home.

The other big shift has clearly been my embracing of live streaming, particularly via Twitch Creative (now #Art) the past year. That, alongside Instagram are probably my primary sources of inspiration, engagement and motivation these days. The site; this site, has to an increasingly greater degree has become redundant over the past couple of years and the legacy content in particular not really relevant anymore. That being said I don’t want to completely abandon my online presence in favour of solely Instagram and social media, so I will also be re-setting the sites focus to be more of a ‘hub’ in support of the channel and offline progress. It will also allow me to delve a bit deeper into some projects, of which I have a few in incubation…

Closing out 2018

Last year was a really good year for me hobby wise, almost too much going on (as usual), but if I had to pick a few highlights they would be challenging my painting skills with the help of Cult of Paint, in particular Henry Steele, Andy Wardle and Marc Masclan all who over various events took me way out of my comfort zone but in equal measure re-invigorated my passion for painting.

Completing over 3000 points of Word Bearers for the Horus Heresy was also another high spot, it being the largest force I have assembled at once as well as the pleasure I got from how well it was received by other painters and gamers I massively respect in the 30K community. For me that was the best outcome from the labours I put into it, but more importantly I made some great friends in the process. There was also the challenge of completing five House Makabius Knights over five evening streams. These have yet to be shown in full other than on the channel but I will be doing so as one of my first missions of the new year.

And last but not least the re-launch of Adeptus Titanicus rekindled my love of War Engines big and small, although it is hard to describe the all new plastic Warlord kit for AT as small. The forging of a number of number of Legio will be a big part of my hobby this year but also the chance to revisit a project I started and abandoned over a decade ago. My Lucius Warhound also finally got some love and the servitors have been diligently capturing picts during its progress on and off stream which will be shared here.


All coming soon…

Until then, I hope 2018 was a good year in the hobby for you and 2019 is going to be a stellar one. I’ll be back streaming in a week or so once work schedule and travel settles down again, but I already have a few plans I will be sharing for the first months of the year that will include final photos and updates from some of the projects teased above, the sites ongoing refocus and redesign and the start of this years bigger heresy plans. Until then, have a great week/weekend.