Vlka Fenryka, the ‘Rout’ or ‘Space Wolves’ in the grimdark universe

Deimos squadron

FASTER TO THE FIGHT With a legion that can move almost as fast as their transports, especially the Grey Slayer packs I'll admit it's a bit odd to add non-assault transports like Rhinos. However, I'm old-school and really like the classic 'Deimos' pattern Rhino profile. WHY TAKE ONE WHEN YOU CAN TAKE THREE The Deimos is a Forgeworld conversion

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The Jarl’s Honour Guard

"We are the wolf that stalks the cold skies, and swallows the star-fire. We are they hidden in the darkness when the light has gone..." BROTHERS OF THE WOLF Originally when I was forming the list in my mind I included the legions Varagyr terminators being the obvious choice for a Jarl's honour guard. However as I was taking Hvarl

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The Wolf Pack

IT'S JUST NOT THE ROUT WITHOUT BIKES Opinions may vary of course and I'm only talking about my own collection, but for me the Wolves are an assault force. Cunning, yes. Savage, absolutely, but not undisciplined. Quite the opposite in fact. As I may have mentioned the Wolves were the very first 'army' I ever painted for Warhammer 40,000 and I took

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Heresy interior decorator

MORE THAN JUST PRETTY ARMOUR I've lost count how many Rhino transports I have built and painted over the years, but in all that time I have never not painted the interior. I appreciate that may seem a bit strange to some hobbyists given most of the time you will never really see the interior and I know for a fact a

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Storm Eagle

VLKA FENRYKA STORM EAGLE I'd been pre-warned by a number of friends that Forgeworld's Storm Eagle kit could be a somewhat "challenging" build, especially getting the fuselage to align neatly. I really wanted to include one in my 'Rout' however as alongside the Thunderhawk and Stormbird it has become an iconic transport option for heresy forces. In truth it wasn't as difficult

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