Warhammer 40,000

I’ve admired the Blood Angels for years as other painters got to grips with the rich red and black of their palette. When Space Hulk first came out in 1993 I absolutely loved the red of their Terminator armour, but it was a colour that eluded me for years as I could never work out how to achieve it in a way I liked which didn’t take an eternity of blends, highlights and glazes. The launch of Warhammer 40,000 8th edition and the introduction of the Primaris marines gave me the push I needed to give them another go and what you see here is the fruits of my labours.

The initial list was a moderate 1000 points which I painted for the Fate of Konor campaign, the core being the Primaris Intercessors, Hellblasters and Captain from the Dark Imperium starter box. The addition of a classic Assault squad, Mars pattern Rhino and two Dreadnoughts gave me a solid fighting force to build upon. The Blood Angels have quickly become my favourite Chapter of the 41st Millennium .

The Fighting IXth

My Blood Angels leverage the Primaris units to the full as they will be making up the bulk of the force. Partially to give me a very ‘elite’ focussed list with plenty of options, but mostly if I’m honest as an excuse to collect the Primaris sets which are an absolute joy to assemble and paint. That doesn’t mean it will be solely Primaris however as I do want to include a decent selection of legacy Blood Angels from before the events leading up to the launch of 8th edition, such as the Assault Squad, Land Speeder Tempest and the magnificent relic Deredeo Dreadnought.

I have no real plans to limit the size of this force as it has become my primary collection for 40K these days. So you will likely see this gallery grow over time as new units are added, particularly where the Primaris are concerned. At some stage in the proceedings I intend to roll in the Space Hulk miniatures, as well as a few select ‘allies’. If you have any questions please feel free to either ask in the comments below, or message me through one of the connected social media accounts.

Primaris Repulsor

The Repulsor was introduced during the first few months of 8th edition along with the Primaris and has a somewhat mixed following it has to be said. Some seem to love it and others loath it. I’m probably somewhere in the middle in that I ‘like’ the design overall, just feel it’s a bit too much with the crazy amount of different weapons it has. That being said I wanted to add one to my Blood Angels simply because it was a plastic kit I’d never made and painted before, so there was an appeal in seeing what I could do with it.

In exactly same way I did the Mars pattern Rhino I pre-shaded the main hull and turret from dark grey to white before applying the colour (Vallejo Game Air Bloody Red) using an airbrush. To give some contrast I added a section of black across the front armour and a yellow stripe down each of the side doors as a nod to the classic early 40K Blood Angels Land Raider. The pintle mount gunners helmet for those wondering was one of the spare heads from the Aggressor kit, which I really felt fitted the tanks heavy-armoured aesthetic. The decals are a mix of Forgeworld Legion and Custodes sheets with classic 40K vehicle kit transfers. The images below are still slightly WiP as the gunner isn’t quite finished yet. I’ll add a final gallery image once done.