Saturday’s stream was all about getting my Blood Angels some Fast Attack spun up and ready to fight. Previously I showed the Assault Squad I put together for the Fate of Kronor gaming day and of course there are the Inceptors from the Dark Imperium box, but Blood Angels wouldn’t be right without at least one Land Speeder so I figured I’d start with a biggie and roll out a Typhoon. To be fair it’s only that variant because I found the missile pods in the bits box and figured “why not?”.

The pre-stream groundwork, other than assembly was to get the Speeder and crew primed and painted with the base colours which consisted of Vallejo Game Air Reds and black. This was all done with the exception of the black using an airbrush. Once the base colours were in place I gave the entire vehicle a coat of gloss varnish and applied a selection of decals from some older Games Workshop kits and the newest Forgeworld Blood Angels IX Legion sheet. As I mentioned on Saturday’s stream I also made some change to the flyer stand/base swapping out the classic Games Workshop ball and socket clear plastic version for a magentised Flames of War one. There were two thoughts behind this. Firstly and the main reason being I have found over the years the ball and socket version doesn’t stand up to a lot of use (abuse) when gaming, eventually snapping at the collar or becoming too loose. Secondly it also comes apart too easily leading to premature “speeder faceplants!” on the gaming table and nobody wants that. The second reason is the Flames of War base has a cutout for the squadron dice which is really handy in 8th Edition for holding the wounds marker/dice. Bonus win!

Post show wrap up

Off camera the final steps were to finish the crew and add an oil wash to help dirty up the overall finish and bring it in line with the rest of the army. The black streaking on the wings and cockpit I would normally do with the airbrush using a Tamiya flat black but because the flat surfaces had a lot less volume I used black oil paint instead and diffused (stumped) them with a damp brush to create the grimy finish. Engine exhausts and dust along lower skirt however was done with the airbrush to speed things along.

A final coat of satin varnish set everything together. One Blood Angels “Typhoon” ready for deployment.

The other squad I briefly showed on Saturday’s session was the Primaris Hellblaster team. These were finished earlier in the week but I hadn’t caught up with any photos at the time. So here they are in all their final glory.

Until next time, have a great week.