The first Warlord

Suffice to say the past fortnight I’ve been almost literally up to my ears in god engines and loving every minute of it. The new plastic kits for the re-booted Adeptus Titanicus are in my humble opinion some of the best that have ever come out of Games Workshop, both in design and from an engineering perspective. They are involved kits not a three part easy-build whilst at the same time being incredibly simple to assemble with no geometric gymnastics being required during assembly (Silver Tower please take note). At the time of writing I’m well into the sub-assembly painting stage of the second Warlord and the process definitely gets quicker with familiarity. There are a couple of ‘gotchas’ you need to watch for during assembly, both which I covered in past live streams but in case you missed them the main area to watch out for is the leg assembly. The legs are highly posable and can cause two issues if not careful. The first is getting the lower legs reversed without realising. It’s important to make sure you have the horizontal lug the front armour attaches to facing forward. I know that sounds obvious but in the heat of assembly it’s surprisingly easy to overlook and I really don’t want to see the sight of any more reverse-joint “chicken-walkers” as that makes me sad. Check and double check to avoid frustration down the line. The other potential gotcha is the legs being so posable it is easy to come up with a pose that looks super dynamic but then find later once the glue has set on your careful positioning the front armour wont go on over the feet. Again, well worth dry-fitting and testing out your pose to make sure everything can still go where it is supposed to with ease. The kit is very much designed with painting the armour panels separately for ease of doing the exoskeleton so it’s just another thing to watch for when planning the build. Other than that it goes together a treat with gate points and mold lines (few that there are) cleverly hidden away.

Both the Belicosa Volcano cannons and the carapace mounted Apocalypse launchers are designed for magnets should you wish (I did so wish) and 5mm x 1mm disk magnets fit very snuggly into the recesses thoughtfully provided on both, which means I’m also all set to be able to swap out to any other weapon options that are released in the future.

I chose the legio Gryphonicus (cognomen: War Griffons) for the first of my loyalist forces as I’m very much old school at heart and both these, the Warp Runners (Astorum) and the Fire Wasps (Ignatum) were always going to be top billing for the first to get painted. As for the palette it’s a mix of airbrush and traditional brush with a small amount of oil and pigment weathering. I’ve tried to keep it simple and avoid too many stages so the base metals are all Vallejo Metal Colour series burnt iron and chrome for the exoskeleton. The grey workup is Tamiya Sea Blue, German Grey and Sky Grey with the yellow being Vallejo Game Air Golden Yellow. The base was airbrushed a mix of Scale 75 browns and given a pigment wash of ash grey mixed with a light rust. All that is left now is to attach the honour and weapon banners which is my next task and “Bellator Veritatis” is ready for battle.

House Vyronii

It takes a big Titan to admit when it needs some friends and in Titanicus, at least until the Reavers and Warhounds are released that job falls to the Questoris Knight banners who have pledged their support to the legio. For Gryphonicus I’ve selected House Vyronii based purely on palette but also because they are fierce rivals to House Makabius who turn traitor during the heresy. I painted two banners of three knights in each and to give some variety each has its own unique heraldry displayed on armour and tilting plate to help me distinguish. Similar to the Warlord I magnetised the weapon options. This is not strictly that necessary but I liked the idea of being able to mix it up with some of the weapon loadouts. The metallic green armour is achieved by painting Tamiya clear green over a metallic pre-shade of gunmetal and chrome. The rest is just the same weathering that was done on the Warlord.

Short and sweet and ready for battle in the upcoming Titanicus one day intro event. Other than tidying a few details as I alluded to at the start focus is now on the traitor faction which will be legio Mortis supported by a banner of house Makabius knights. All live streamed next week.