Despite what I said last post about the Blood Angels, the click of a mouse was all it took to move them from side of the desk project to something a bit more urgent; I signed them up to a ‘Fate of Kronor’ campaign day because…reasons. So now I need to come up with a 1000 point battle-forged list by mid-August. No biggie, two Intercessor squads nearly done which is like two hundred so another eight-hundred can’t be too much of an ask can it?

Probably. But here is a WiP picture of the second sergeant while I figure out the logistics. Having actually taken the time to read the Index:Imperium I was surprised to see the Primaris options don’t have a whole lot in the way of flexibility (currently) with the Intercessors fixed five man squads. I suspect (hope) this will change in the Codex Astartes which does make me wonder why on Terra I bothered buying the Index:Imperium if it ends up broadly redundant in a matter of a fortnight. Moving along.

So two Intercessor squads, Inceptor squad, A captain in Gravis and [Redacted] fill my initial Patrol slots. I have a limit on only one selection being up to a max of 15 power value and all others being power 10 or lower and don’t want to pick a WaaC list as it’s supposed to be a fun event not a full blown power-gamer tournament. So I’ll probably pad out the other troop choice with some run of the mill Tacticals in a Rhino and work another Fast Attack in somewhere. As if by chance Forgeworld have also at time of writing put up the new Blood Angels decal sheet for pre-order, so it would be rude not to…

FW-July-17    The other stuff was entirely an accident. No, really it was.

Now that there’s a deadline to chase and the Intercessors are complete, next on the workbench will be the Inceptors with their crazy jump-packs. I’ll talk more about them in the next update but having initially hated the look of the armour now that I’ve actually assembled and started painting one I’ve somewhat softened my opinion. Still not sure how resilient those flying stands are going to be though. I guess time (and gaming) will tell.

Until next time.