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Caestus Assault Ram

FLY THE UNFRIENDLY SKIES Each time I start a new loyalist or traitor force I pick a theme to anchor the rest of the force around. It doesn't have to be cohesive as I tend to select what I like the look of more than necessarily what is competitive. If I like the legion then they will probably get enough additional units

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Heresy interior decorator

MORE THAN JUST PRETTY ARMOUR I've lost count how many Rhino transports I have built and painted over the years, but in all that time I have never not painted the interior. I appreciate that may seem a bit strange to some hobbyists given most of the time you will never really see the interior and I know for a fact a

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XIII Legion Contemptors

ANCIENT CONTEMPTORS There are lots of things that define the Horus Heresy, but for me it's the eclectic dreadnoughts that are properly iconic. Epic and Rogue Trader first referenced the names 'Contemptor', 'Deredeo', 'Furibundus' and Forgeworld re-visioned the former taking design hints from the old Epic plastic version. The Contemptor pattern legion dreadnoughts have become synonymous with the era of the great

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Word Bearers Leviathan

XVII LEGION LEVIATHAN What makes the Word Bearers stand out so dramatically on the battlefield is their incredible palette, regardless whether it is the deep opaque red or the candy-metallic. It was the latter I chose to give the maximum amount of contrast to the flat black pauldrons. Although the Leviathan dreadnought was painted at the same time as the rest of

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Storm Eagle

VLKA FENRYKA STORM EAGLE I'd been pre-warned by a number of friends that Forgeworld's Storm Eagle kit could be a somewhat "challenging" build, especially getting the fuselage to align neatly. I really wanted to include one in my 'Rout' however as alongside the Thunderhawk and Stormbird it has become an iconic transport option for heresy forces. In truth it wasn't as difficult

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