Despite having immersed myself in Games Workshop’s ‘grimdark’ universe since the days of Rogue Trader, I’ve never painted any Blood Angels. At least not with any intent to assemble a force or anything. Sure I’ve dabbled with the odd Blood Angel Terminator when Space Crusade was a thing but I never found doing the red satisfying (Read: Could never get it right). It was either de-saturated, lacking contrast or just plain awful flat red with yellow highlights. Even attempts to do them for Epic was deeply dissapointing. You could say they have been my nemesis colour wise. Thing is I really quite like the background for the Blood Angels and there is still all those lovely character Terminators to paint from Space Hulk which I’d like to tackle some day.

As you will have seen in the MKA post I concluded with a tester of the new Primaris Marine kit from Dark Imperium in the Blood Angels colours. I could have done them as more Ultramarines and fleshed out those for 40K instead but it wouldn’t have taught me anything new so decided to face my nemesis instead and give the boys of Baal another go. I’m glad I did…

This is very much going to be a ‘side-of-the-desk’ project and used to try out new techniques, tweaking the palette and style as I go. I’ve no end goal in mind size wise or and kind of list build, but will just go with wherever the interest takes me and as a feeble excuse to paint any new ‘Primaris’ releases I like the look of.



The Dark Imperium boxed set comes with two five-man Intercessor squads; the Primaris equivalant of Tactical Marines I guess. They are mono-pose sculpts as mentioned previously but I do like the look of them, especially all the cleverly designed kit, pouches and holsters being on by default. They are also a joy to assemble as long as you follow the clear instructions provided. After the initial Intercessor with the Mark III helm I made a correction to the palette to move it more towards the blood red end of the scale rather than burgundy as I wasn’t 100% happy with the first one. I may play around with this a bit more for the tanks when they are released but was far happier with the end result after the adjustment. I kept the guns a simple black for contrast but went for a leather look for the pouches and holster to avoid the squad ending up looking too dull, especially as I wanted to work black panels into some of the shoulder pads as well.

Concerning decals and markings.


I’m a big proponent of following the “rule of cool” as opposed to rigidly adhering to any canonical markings. I try to be reasonably consistent with Chapter markings, but if I think a couple of the squad will look better having a different helmet or pattern on one of their shoulder or knee panels for interest then I just go for it. I don’t like entire squads looking like exact clones; my army, my rules. Adding points of interest like that on the miniatures really helps reward looking closer at them and brings them to life more. I think this is particularly true for bright palettes like the Blood Angels where all that red can be very overwhelming. Breaking up the silouettes through contrasting panels or markings just helps ground the look and give those extra details that pleases the eye.

The bases I’m not quite sold on yet either as I’d like to get a bit more variety in the tones. I could add further pigments but will probably just add some arid grass tufts instead for simplicity and yes, three of them are on 40mm by mistake proving the old adage that beer and hobby don’t mix. Well, technically they do but then you run the risk of introducing unwanted random points of interest into your armies like this. No biggie. I’ll live with it.

So what’s next? There’s a fair chunk of Primaris still to go in the Dark Imperium box, namely another Sergeant, the two Lts, Captain, Inceptors and Hellblaster squads. Not to mention two independent characters I ‘may’ have happened to have picked up. I also have a suspicion the Dreadnought is soon for pre-order and I’m really looking forward to tackling a larger model/vehicle. There’s a Mars pattern Rhino lined up but as the Primaris can’t use it and I’ve no plans to do any regular Astartes Blood Angels (yet) its gone back into the box. At the time of writing I’ve just seen the Reiver (sp) boxed set and the Agressors, neither which I’m sold on yet either but we will see. Thankfully plenty to get on with whilst I make up my mind about them.

Until next time.

Oh wait! I mentioned deamons didn’t I. I’ll just leave this WiP here then…