So much love for the hobby right now, feels like the heady days of my youth and Adeptus Titanicus. I have my painting mojo  and my gaming mojo. One could say I’m operating at peak hobby mojo-ness (is that even a word?). At time of writing Tarssis 4 is now a mere Imperium standard week away and I’m happy to say the XIIIth Legion are in a good place completion wise. The Vorax and Praevian Consul have been progressing in part on and off stream via my sporadic Twitch sessions and now the Caestus is all muckied up (weathering for the technically gifted) all I think I have left to do is the base and some mucky-up of the Dreadnought Talon and write up the background fluff and accoutrements. The transport has arrived in the form of a custom loadout KR backpack the size of a small elephant so all things being equal the Ultramarines are good to go. I’ll post some WiPs over weekend just before I pack them away for deployment.

Blood Angels Blood Angels

The other mini-project that’s at risk of ballooning into a full on 40K mega-force are the Blood Angels. These began life as a quick way of getting into 8th Ed and painting some of the new Primaris designs from the Dark Imperium box. Having painted 1K points for the Fate of Kronor global event and lost every game I figure I need to get more practice in. As a by-product I’ve assessed the current plastics and Forgeworld bits boxes, checked the augurs and all portents point towards me needing to add many more units.

Many, many more units. I’m thinking more Primaris, Tacticals, Sicaran, Librarian, Chaplain, bikes, speeder, assault squads and pretty much everything else I can throw at them between now and running out of models.

As if two legions wasn’t enough waiting in the wings like a festering boil is the Death Guard and I cannot wait to renew my commitment to these miniatures. Not counting the brief 30K toe-dip I did earlier in the year to play with an efficient XIV Legion palette the last time I painted Death Guard was for the 2002 UK GT Finals. The best part is I’ve located and been re-united with them after fifteen years lost in the warp! (not the warp, it was the loft). All things considered they are in remarkably good condition albeit seriously dated painting wise as I’m sure you can appreciate. But not beyond salvage I think. With the new kits, a bit more painting experience under my belt I think I can do something to bring them up to date. They will never be as good as the ones I’ve started, or will be starting from scratch but I think a few touches with the airbrush and some liberal use of weathering might bring them onboard alongside the newer kits. I do also still have a healthy (is that the appropriate term?) number of the old metal designs still mint so those can be used with my newer palette to hopefully function as a way of blending the two eras.

That’s my October sorted then. Exciting times.

So what to do with this blog? Since starting my Twitch TV experiment my intent was to use the streams as a way to a) motivate myself to paint and b) support the blog. What I have realised is actually exactly the opposite is probably more accurate in that the blog is probably going to be a way to support and capture what I’m streaming on twitch. It just makes complete sense now I think about it more and gets past the awkward feeling I should always be writing massive war and peace posts that are ‘worthy’ of blogging. The reality is nobody frankly gives a **** as long as you can see some pictures and maybe get a few details what paints were used, tips on methods or just hopefully a bit of inspiration to fuel your own hobby-engine. So what does that mean? It means posts will be shorted and more frequent, they will moreover been aligned to what I’m doing on Twitch, either in reference to upcoming projects, off-stream painting or post stream photos and wash up of the details. It also makes sense with Instagram and how I currently use it for wips anyway.

It also means I can start focussing on just taking pictures and adding them to the gallery right here along with the supporting info. To that end I’ve done another somewhat painfully laborious pass over the categories and tags so that they start to naturally coalesce into themed galleries. I’m hoping the “What’s Hot” categories on the right of main page will now be a lot more functional. I’ll also rename the section to something less pretentious while I’m at it. Likewise the tags at the bottom help refine and there’s always the search box at top. You do use the ‘search’ facility don’t you?

The rest, well let’s just see where the journey takes me.

Signing off, for now…