I had such plans and a really great intro for October, really I did. It went something along the lines of “The XIV Legion ~ fourteen years in the making”. Not making it up either; I first started my Death Guard back in 2003 for the 40K GT Finals and found them again fourteen years later in 2017 when I started doing a force for the Horus Heresy. I had such plans to apply some simple touch-ups to the original force and use the new Death Guard plastics as a way to tie 10,000 years of history between them. Showing an evolution of what they once were to what they have now become. Well I thought it was a pretty neat idea anyway.

And then after taking a two week break I just had to come down with the mother of all coughs. Some would say it was Nurgle’s gift and a sign of approval for my plans. As a painter and streamer I say it’s a pain in the **** and pretty much de-railed the majority of October. So much for that. So. Much de-motivated I’ve atypically thrown the proverbial cherub out with the bathwater and written an entirely new grand plan to get my mojo back which is called “Operation: Painting Shadespire” (a not hugely imaginative title I’ll grant you, but accurate). As Shadespire is released this weekend and only contains 8 miniatures in total it’s a nice manageable project to stream, plus I’ve done very little Age of Sigmar or Fantasy in general this year, so it will also be a change of pace and palette.

It will be interesting to see what the easy-fit are like painted as I suspect they will be just fine. I’ve been pleasantly surprised how well the Fantasy Flight Star Wars figures paint up and those are generally a much lower grade of plastic compared to GW. I’ll be honest what also steered me down this route is the lack of airbrushing needed or thinners to irritate the throat.

Cunning eh?

The fun starts next Wednesday once I stop sounding like Batman on a bad day and have picked up Shadespire from Incom Gaming. I may post more rambling before then and some pre-stream background so eyes peeled and have a great week.