Studio Dropship is the website and blog of war-gamer and miniature painting enthusiast Carl Woodrow.

Having survived over two-decades online, Dropship has changed greatly from the Epic 40,000 fansite I started back in ’96 to what you see today. It doesn’t claim to be the largest in content, or the ‘ultimate’ source of hobby material’ but simply a true reflection of my own pursuits and interests in the hobby; no more and certainly no less. Think of it as a tiny window into my workshop as I navigate the currents and eddies of the greater hobby-sphere, drifting from one project to the next.

Over the past thirty plus years I’ve been lucky enough to get involved first hand with a number of the games that got me into the hobby originally and although my interests may head off in new and varied directions from time to time, Epic in all its guises will always remain my ‘weapon of choice’. I’m sure some of you reading this will have been the inspiration behind my own painting projects and I’d like to hope my efforts have been in some small way been a useful inspiration to others. For that reason alone I don’t anticipate “Dropship” or me stopping anytime soon. Here’s to the next thirty years.