“Every time I pick up a brush I discover something new. It is ‘your’ hobby, nobody else gets to tell you what is right, wrong, or fun!”

Carl Woodrow


I’ve been a wargaming enthusiast, creator and hobbyist for more years than I care to remember, starting in my teens when Games Workshop was still known as ‘Citadel Miniatures’. Painting was an aspect of the hobby I found enjoyable, but never took seriously seeing it as a stage armies occasionally passed through between assembly and the battlefield. Recently I have become far more engaged in the painting side of the hobby, specifically the scale model style prevalent in Forgeworld’s Age of Darkness ruleset for the Horus Heresy. When you’ve followed on one particular way of painting it’s easy to forget there are many other ways, methods and materials that can be exploited to bring your armies to life and it is to that pursuit I’ve dedicated this blog in the hope you may find helpful some of the things I have learned over the years in your own painting journey. Also, there may be cats depending upon which one invades the workshop.


Like many my free time is limited, so I have to spend my hobby coin wisely. I do enjoy sharing my work where I can however, in the hope it motivates other hobbyists in the same way other painters have inspired and helped me over the years. Being a visual art my primary outlet other than this blog is Instagram and I also occasionally stream my work on Twitch or YouTube live when opportunity arises. But I don’t widely publicise that so keep it under your hat eh?

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“The worst fear is not painting thinking you will fail to meet your own expectations. Each miniature painted is a step along the journey to being a better painter”

“Painted miniatures always roll more sixes. This is scientifically proven (Note: may not use actual science)”

“The following are not crimes: dry-brushing, airbrushing or applying pigments using your fingers”