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Angels & Daemons

Despite having immersed myself in Games Workshop's 'grimdark' universe since the days of Rogue Trader, I've never painted any Blood Angels. At least not with any intent to assemble a force or anything. Sure I've dabbled with the odd Blood Angel Terminator when Space Crusade was a thing but I never found doing the red satisfying (Read: Could never get it right). It was either de-saturated, lacking contrast or just plain awful flat red with yellow highlights. Even attempts to do them for Epic was deeply dissapointing. You could say they have been my nemesis colour wise. Thing is I really quite like the background for the Blood Angels and there is still all those lovely character Terminators to paint from Space Hulk which I'd [...]

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Primaris: A flawed masterpiece

Actually another title could be "it's too bloody hot to hobby!". Being a Brit I'm unequipped to deal with the three days a year we actually have pleasant weather (circa 32 degrees). Aircon is something that happens at work not home, so suffice to say the man cave keeps being invaded by Hobbits trying to unmake gold rings, or some such nonsense. I've tried hobbying but it's not really working out so I'm resorting to working outside and bringing you, dear reader up to date with what I've been up to the past week because it's been quite the week. Oh I'll come back to that title and explain in due course. Last week was noteworthy for two reasons. One you probably know; the release [...]

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