Winter challenge complete.

It's been a couple of weeks since my last post I have just realised. So I thought I had better do a catch up before summarising February’s scores on the doors in a few days time. Despite the silence on this end, it's actually been productive with all kinds of hobby comings and goings. The recent cold snap in the UK and having to take some time out to apply for a new job put the brakes on free time activities a little. Despite that however I have still managed to make solid progress on the months Dreadball ambitions and another Ultramarines detachment for Epic, so it’s not all bad. After setting myself this small winter painting challenge back at the end of November [...]

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Land Raider walkthrough

My Epic Ultramarines Winter Challenge has reached that interesting point where I am starting to repeat units in order to fill out the allocations of core infantry and tanks. In an earlier post you will have seen I have now added a second Tactical Detachment, along with its pre-requisite transport. This time it is the turn of the Land Raiders again as I add another detachment of four. Although Space Marines are generally pretty uniform in appearance, especially in a scale like Epic, there is always that desire to ensure there is at least some small visual marker that will set them apart from all their other uniform brothers. I find the challenge of adding that little twist of character to be the most fun [...]

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Whirlwind week

The past week or so has been a upside down period of frustrating weather, delayed deliveries and applying for a new job. It has also been a productive week for painting, seen some success on the DreadBall pitch (finally!) and at long last Sedition Wars arrived. Dealing with the latter first, no amount of inclement weather could dampen my excitement when  after weeks of delay a very large package arrived containing the boxed game, Biohazard extras and a few more add-ons to boot. I'm not going  to go into some kind of rambling unboxing post, as frankly there are plenty of those already and they are an awfully lot more thorough with that kind of thing than I could ever be. Suffice to say after painstakingly [...]

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Paint more, play more.

What a month it has been. When the idea first gestated to start this project in November, I had absolutely no idea I would actually manage to paint over three thousand points of Epic in just over five weeks. That was roughly three times what I optimistically estimated when I first sketched out the plan. Part of the success I think has been in setting realistic, but flexible goals and painting ‘rewards’ throughout. Each stage creating the impetus to push on that little bit further, or as I like to think of it, the “just one more unit/detachment” phenomena. Tea has also helped. Lots of cups of tea. Picking up from where I left off last update, I had some Jetbikes to base and paint. Heresy [...]

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Death from above

Last week I posted a couple of Fast Attack options I recently added to the Ultramarines. This has now been reinforced by a Land Speeder detachment consisting of both heritage and current versions. There is something really quite emotive about how the current Land Speeder design looks in 6mm scale, especially when you have a squadron of them. For me they are one of the miniatures that epitomise just how awesomely impressive Epic scale battles look on the table with skimmers nipping at the legs of War Engines and buzzing between tower blocks. For those unfamiliar with Epic scale, to put them into perspective the round bases they are mounted on are one pence coins. I actually have four generations of Speeder (three designs effectively), [...]

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Fast Attack

It has been all about the fast movers and assault this week, with two detachments of Bikes hitting the painting station. These are all current edition miniatures based three to a stand and upgraded with a couple of Heavy Bolter and Melta toting Attack Bikes for added punch. Other than that, there is nothing really special about either of these formations other than the extra mobility they add to the army. I upgraded one of the detachments to include a Commander so that both groups could be combined into a single strike package should I need the extra weight of numbers. This has added another 425 points to the total, which still leaves me considerably short of my next stretch target. So a bit more [...]

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1,700 Points: Terminated

It’s been a bit of an exciting week hobby wise all round. What with The Hobbit release from GW, the anticipation of Dreadball now shipping from Mantic and we have all the makings of a busy December on the new and shiny toy front. However, it is still Epic that occupies my painting station currently and I am pleased to say I have stormed past the next target of 1700 points with the addition of a further two Ultramarine 2nd Company detachments. First up are a detachment of Terminators, which add some hard-hitting objective takers. Put into cover, Space Marine Terminators are notoriously resilient and tenacious when it comes to securing key objectives, so they were a “must have” as part of my early selection. [...]

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Vindicators: My weathering of choice

The Epic scale Winter Challenge is progressing steadily with Vindicators forming the latest detachment to get added, bringing the total to a nice round 1000 points. No mixed patterns for this unit as all of the current versions are tied up in the Salamanders army and the first edition variants are just plain fugly deserving nothing more than to be consigned to the history books of bad design. Yes, I know I said earlier there should be a place for every old miniature in current armies, but even I draw the line at "Mr Boxy". That tank had a design only it's mother could love. Anyway, moving swiftly along. All the units in the detachment are from the superb Epic 40,000 era, easily the best period for the Epic [...]

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WIP: Tactical Detachment Secured

That didn't take long. November's initial goal of 700 points is in the bag and I can start adding further formations to my fledgeling 6mm Ultramarines. As I mentioned in the previous post, my starting point for the army was a Tactical Detachment consisting of six stands of Space Marines plus transport, supported by four Land Raiders. That comes to a rather convenient 700 points (you would almost think I had planned that goal in advance wouldn't you?) Similar to the Raider Detachment I mixed in a few older edition models, such as the Mk VI power armour and Mk Ic "Deimos" pattern Rhino's. Mostly just to help break up the uniformity, but also because I really do feel strongly about incorporating lots of variety [...]

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Ultramarine Winter Challenge

No, this isn’t some kind of bizarre winter X-games for the Emperor’s finest. I thought I would set myself the challenge of assembling and painting an Epic (6mm) scale Ultramarine force over the winter months. Normally this is a slow period for me painting wise. However, this year I thought I would try to set myself a few goals to get me back into Epic. This is inspired entirely due to the efforts of the guys on the TacCom forums, who have been running their annual “Tale of Epic Gamers” events for a number of years now. If you haven’t followed these in the past, I highly recommend doing so as there are some amazingly creative and inspiring Epic collections on show each year. I [...]

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