Parcel Friday

You know what's great about Fridays? Getting new hobby gubbins in the post is what. I'm a big fan of water slide transfers/decals (insert your preferred nomenclature here) and had completely forgotten I was a late backer for the Infinity faction sheets being produced by Antenocitis Workshop. Hence it was a pleasant surprise when they arrived today. These are even smaller than some of Forgeworld's Heresy decals being designed for arm and armour patches on Corvus Belli's dynamic anime-inspired sculpts. I opted for a range of factions including Yu Jing, Pan O, Nomad as well as a couple of sectorials and they look great with crisp printing and vibrant colour. The other nice little package to arrive was a set of brushes from Broken Toad [...]

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Wamp versus Wookiee

No, that isn't a typo. Earlier in the year I backed another brush Kickstarter, this time by the guys at 'Wamp'. Yes, I know I said I'd never back another Kickstarter involving brushes after the awful brushes I received from the last one I backed. Fortunately no such disappointments this time as the brushes fulfilled by Wamp neither purported to be "Pro-Studio", "revolutionary", "innovative" or any other such marketing clap-trap. They were  however manufactured as far as I can tell by Rosemary & Co here in the UK and thus far have performed admirably. I haven't had the opportunity to test all of them out fully so please don't misconstrue this as a review, although I've painted the Imperial Assault characters below and the majority [...]

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Painters rule #1: You are never too old to learn something new. I've a day off so spending it outside with my notebook and the excellent 'Figopedia' by Jérémie Bonamant Teboul.

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A to Z by Angel Giraldez

  Earlier last month a copy of Angel Giraldez book on miniature painting turned up, which if you had been following any of the pre-release hype you would think heralded the second coming. As Corvus Belli's star miniature painter, Angel's book is unashamedly 'Infinity' centric and covers in some detail his signature technique of applying acrylics using a combination of airbrush and brush to achieve soft colour transitions and contrast with sharp edge highlights; a method that particularly suits the high impact anime style of the Infinity miniatures. Is the book any good though? Especially when you consider this was his own pet project and all of the content was ostensibly by Angel himself. In my humble opinion yes it is. In fact it's very good! [...]

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Coming clean about brush soap

Brush soap is not necessarily doing your brushes any favours. I’ll just leave that sentence hanging there for a moment to sink in. Brush cleaner and preserver on the other hand probably will, especially if you are using a natural bristle such as sable. Why am I telling you this? Quite simply because I see a lot of so called ‘brush soaps’ from gaming companies rather than art specialists which from my experience aren’t any better at removing paint than regular hand soap. In fact, they are possibly doing your natural hair brushes more harm than good as there’s a decent chance it’s additionally stripping out the natural oils which will result in them becoming brittle and breaking. A good sable brush relies on its ability to snap [...]

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Tools of the trade

Just a quick post today. In part to answer a question Jon posed, but to be fair it's something I've been asked a few times now; what airbrush and compressor do I use? Technically there isn't one I use all the time, but switch between three depending on what it is I'm trying to achieve. The one I use the most is an ageing Revell Flex. A dual-action gravity fed brush it isn't actually one that's particularly well renowned or rated, but nevertheless I've found it to be a sturdy and reliable workhorse for 80% of what I do. I swapped out the spring a few years back to a stiffer one which gives me a smoother return action and even with a medium needle it's my [...]

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M3D Changing the landscape

I have been an avid follower of the burgeoning home 3D printing market for several years now and have firmly believed it was only going to be a matter of a very small number of years before a genuinely affordable and practical printer hit the market. There have been plenty of candidates the past 24 months, but always the size or form factor held me back. Price is also a factor obviously along with the practicality of how useable they are. Earlier this week the Micro 3D Printer (M3D) debuted on the crowd sourcing platform Kickstarter with a fantastically compact and stylish looking 7.3 inch cube shell, and an equally compact sub $300 price point (even cheaper if you were one of the fortunate early backers). To [...]

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Brush Cull

Today, I have been having a brush cull. I say that matter-of-factly, but when you have been dabbling in the hobby for over three decades you tend to accumulate a lot of brushes. Even worse, if like me you really hate throwing away a brush. There is always some task it can be put to, be it mixing paint, dry-brushing, applying weathering or that final sad role ... glue brush. Suffice to say I reached the point today where I accepted there was going to have to be a bit of a drastic culling. Even I was a bit unprepared for just how many brushes I managed to round up from all corners of the workshop. Below is the pile that had quite simply reached [...]

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Games & Gears Studio Brush review

Back in February I backed Games & Gears Kickstarter for their 'Pro Studio' brush set and true to their promise they delivered in April, a set of new double-ended brushes arriving in the post a few days back. Although I missed the 'early bird' special at £15, a set of nine natural sable-hair brushes for £25 is a great price in anyones book so even if they turned out to be "average", it's still a good deal. What Games & Gears described however is far from average. "High end, high quality, Kolinsky sable duel end brushes" (according to the description), featuring:- A uniquely designed handle grip which enables high volume, fatigue free painting Longer ferrule for more precision painting and control Sable Kolinsky hair for [...]

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