Epic Eldar Phantom Titan

Four short evenings after dunking that old Epic Phantom Titan into the paint stripper I find myself with a completely refurbished War Engine sporting a new livery. Which is nice considering it was something of a spur of the moment project. I've always meant to revisit the Eldar Titans at some stage as I haven't in all honesty painted any since doing the ones for the Swordwind Supplement around ten years ago. This gave me the opportunity to change a couple of things I would have done differently if I was doing them again, in particular the palette. When I painted the Phantom and Revenants, the brief was to strongly theme them for Biel-Tan to match the content of the book. In hindsight I don't [...]

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On the Workbench – Week 25

Another eclectic, but productive mix over the weekend with miniatures from Battlefront, 4Ground, Fantasy Flight and even some very old 1st edition Epic from Games Workshop. I don't often get a chance to put in a serious hobby-session over the course of a weekend, but as it was the '24 Heures du Mans' and I'm a huge fan of the iconic event I fancied putting in an equally long stint or two whilst enjoying watching Porsche take the fight to Audi. Another factor was the weather which impacted my plans to varnish the Tablescape tiles I was working on so I had time spare to just pick things I wanted (needed) to be painting instead. Starting with the smallest first, I have a game of 'Armada' coming up [...]

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Phantom Restoration

I was supposed to be working on the second set of four Tablescape panels today but the weather turned a bit nasty before I could get them primed. So instead I've fished an original Epic Phantom Titan out of the 'Dettol' bath to see what I can do with it. If you follow my Instagram posts you will have seen I spotted this chap whilst rummaging around yesterday evening in one of the lesser frequented recesses of the bits boxes. I must have painted this over twenty years ago so it was looking rather chipped, dusty and in a bit of a sorry state. No good miniature ever needs to go to waste and that is doubly true for anything out of production like the Phantom (or pretty [...]

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Ancient Gargant

Back when it was Epic's 20th Anniversary, I dug up an old Ork Gargant that had literally been out of action since the days of Codex Titanicus. I remember a really fantastic and bright piece of full-colour art in the book showing off a named Great Gargant and this was my homage to that piece of art at the time. Ork Ancient Gargant – Old 'Stomp Smash' Unlike the more boxy Gargants of the Epic 40,000 era, This is an original first edition cast in lead and is the rather more ‘full figured’ version that graced the pages of Adeptus Titanicus. I managed to find all the parts with the exception of a missing left arm weapon. No amount of searching turned that up sadly, but not to be thwarted, I [...]

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This week has really rekindled my passion for painting 6mm scale, Epic in particular. I have been delving deep into the old rule books and supplements, poring over elderly copies of White Dwarf from the late 80's, generally hunting out all of the original colour schemes for the Titan Legions and in particular the "Fire Wasps" (Legio Ignatum). What I came to quickly realise is, they were great! Ok, to be fair they looked a bit rough and ready and were not as crisp or over-decorated as they were during second edition. Nevertheless they had a real character about them. The ‘current’ vogue seems to be to paint them in a more subdued, but still heraldic palette, inspired lately by Forgeworld’s Imperial Armour books. That [...]

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Back from the beyond

It has been far too long since I last posted. Life, work, gaming and holidays all consuming my time like it was going out of fashion the past two months. Summer was a washout (quite literally) and the re-release of the next edition of 40K came and went without much of a comment from me. Partly because I have drawn my line under 40K gaming for now, but mostly because I have been distracted by newer and shinier things. What can be newer and shinier than an all new 40K and host of Chaos releases I hear you ask? Well, Dreadball for one, and a rekindled interest in all things Epic scale again. Dealing with the former first, I think I shall remember this year [...]

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Halcyon days and hot summers, almost.

If you are a Brit, you are no doubt weather obsessed right now and probably either watching, or dodging the prolific summer games coverage (which is actually rather awesome I must admit). Traditionally this isn’t a good time of the year for me for painting as let’s be honest, it's either a time for gaming, or being outside, or doing pretty much anything other than sit in a stuffy workshop watching paint dry. Normally, that would be the case. This year however I have unusually managed to carry over a degree of momentum into the summer. In part due to all the ongoing projects I am enjoying right now, but also the plethora of new games and miniature ranges that are springing up left and [...]

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