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Return to Middle Earth

Interesting news broke from the Throne of Skulls event at Warhammer World which would appear to breath some life into the Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit range once again. Spillforeningen the Fellowship kindly covers the details in his YouTube channel  and I highly recommend watching and giving a thumbs-up for what has to be good news for fans of the miniatures range. The broad strokes are Games Workshop will be extending the licence and handing over the support to Specialist Games and Forge World who will be re-releasing the previous out of print source books as well as new miniatures. The game will be re-branded as 'Middle Earth Strategy Battle Game' (which is hilarious as I have been calling it that for years, [...]

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Dwarves and other short updates

The last couple of weeks has been a bit of a frenzy of hobby comings and goings as I wind down various projects and fire new ones up at the same time. Starting with what's been happening on the painting front, I've been reviewing my Lord of the Rings Dwarf warbands and looking at how the newer and older miniatures compare. It's been well over a decade since the first Games Workshop plastic Dwarf Warriors were released for Lord of the Rings and it would be unrealistic to expect the newer 'Hobbit' era Erebor Dwarves to integrate without obvious differences. The miniatures themselves haven't just moved on, clearly my painting isn't the same as it was ten years ago, my eyesight certainly isn't for one! Regardless of [...]

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The Eagles have landed

Well, mostly. Back beavering away with the brush on a trio of Great Eagles and a Grim Hammer Captain for Middle Earth. The Eagles consisted of a pair of the newer (and larger) plastic versions and the old metal Gwaihir from some years back. An impressive bird, he is sadly now somewhat dwarfed (no pun intended!) by the newer all-plastic kits. I'm not complaining as the latest incarnation of the Great Eagles are I think some of Games Workshop's best, featuring stunning detail and a kit that goes together virtually seamlessly. I might have quibbles about their pricing, but there is no argument from me that they still know how to make a quality plastic kit. I say 'mostly' done because although the miniatures themselves are [...]

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Grim Hammers and Great Goblin

Dwarves seem to be the flavour of the month GW wise with new releases for Warhammer Fantasy popping up all over the interwebs. Nice though that is, it’s Dwarves of Middle Earth that have been of interest to me this week as I have been finishing up some Erebor warriors and Grim Hammers to bolster the older Lord of the Rings Erebor Dwarves I painted a few years back. The years separating the original LotR plastics to the latest Hobbit sets have clearly opened up something of a design and detail gap sadly, especially in the beard and stature department. It’s not surprising really considering how long about the original warrior set was made so mixing the two ranges is never going to look seamless.  [...]

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WIP: King of Goblin Town

I thought I had better post this as I have just uploaded the photo to Google+ so it would have been churlish not to include it here. Currently on the painting station to wrap up January is the Goblin king from The Hobbit boxed set. I purposely left him until last to force me to paint all of his minions first. Been of a larger 'girth' I followed a similar approach to that I did with the three Trolls and airbrushed the flesh tones to achieve a softer effect. Starting with Rakarth for the base colour I added Ratskin Flesh to the folds and shadows of the skin and Pallid Wych for the highlights and musculature. To emphasise the unhealthy pallor a thin wash of [...]

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A second breakfast

Despite all of the hullabaloo over pricing, I did pick up a copy of both the Hobbit starter set, book and a few minis over the weekend and took a bit of time out from my Epic scale winter challenge to pick over them. Overall, I found the quality of the miniatures to be truly exceptional, albeit with a few points you might want to consider when  assembling them. Before I get into the meat of it though, I want to add the following caveat just to manage readers expectations. I will not be focusing on the price, or what I feel are the merits or de-merits of Games Workshop's ticket price for entry into the Middle Earth Strategy Battle system as part of this post. [...]

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The Shipping Forecast

Been so busy immersing myself back in the world of Epic 6mm I've lost track of a few projects that had been gestating earlier in the year, namely all those Kickstarters. Fortunately, there has been quite a lot of hobby news this week there has been a bit of an overload of 'future painting' mojo; some good, some not so. Mantic: Dreadball Not wanting to count my chickens too soon, but I have to say Mantic really appear to have delivered a masterclass in "how to run a Kickstarter". Latest news from the guys in Nottingham is Dreadball is pretty much ready to ship and they are just receiving the last of eight initial MVP's right now. Expectations are the base game will start to ship from [...]

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The Hobbit: An Unexpected Abbreviation

In a few days we will get to see just what games Workshop has in store (pun fully intended) for the Lord of the Rings Strategy Battle Game re-boot. Or as it is now known round here TH:aUJSBG (The Hobbit: an Unexpected Journey Strategy Battle Game). If ever there was an award for the most ridiculously long name, then I would guess this would take it. I am about to enter into a full on nerd-rage, so if you are of a sensitive nature, well adjusted, or just came here for posts on Epic you may want to go and check on the cat/children/significant other until I am done. Still here eh? I fully understand Games Workshop's desire to fully leverage their use of the [...]

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